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About Magnolia Ranch Recovery, a Tennessee Drug Rehab

Magnolia Ranch Recovery is a private and secluded inpatient addiction treatment center in Tennessee that offers people with the disease of addiction a safe and serene atmosphere to commit completely to their path toward recovery from their drug of choice.

Notable lifestyle features of Magnolia Ranch Recovery include evening fireside chats under the Tennessee stars. Our small client-to therapist ratio means each resident is given undivided attention by their clinical team. At Magnolia Ranch, we improved on traditional therapy models by offering 56 hours of weekly therapy, which includes 6 hours of therapy reserved for the weekend, so that despite a full schedule, each resident can take full advantage of our notable drug rehab program features.

Find the parts of you that have been lost along the way when you experience our secluded safe haven of rehabilitation. Spend your time re-learning who you are, connecting with the world around you and setting achievable goals that your team of clinicians will help you reach both during and after your stay. Magnolia Ranch is not a respite – it is a habitat of remarkable rehabilitation.


What We Offer

Our Dedication to Rehabilitation


We offer addiction treatment programs that allow for our clients to tap into deep-seeded personal spaces so they may make marked steps toward achieving their own individual progress through proven therapeutic counseling and experiential therapies.


Our Tennessee drug rehab treatment model focuses on individualized clinical attention, so our clients have the opportunity to reach long-term recovery from their chemical dependency and interrelated disorders, one step at a time.


Our team of clinicians and therapists treat each client’s needs individually, pinpointing the physiological and psychological ailments that contribute to their addictions, while introducing them to proven solutions that offer long-term sobriety.


Magnolia Ranch prides itself on offering an intimate setting for recovery nestled at the foothills of the Middle Tennessee countryside; where residents live and learn in an environment we call “Celestial Serenity”. Our Tennesse Drug Rehab is truly unique in quality and service.


Our amenities are exclusive, but our admission policy is not. Our employee assistance program makes it so that almost anyone has access to addiction treatment through your employer. Learn more about our Tennessee EAP program.


Our Tennessee drug rehab grounds span over 38-acres of meticulously maintained land, custom designed to evoke space, serenity and soothing healing in comfortable seclusion. Although grand in size, our low client-to therapist ratio and amenities mean every necessity is at your service.