Lay Your Recovery In God’s Hands

When you are starting your recovery from an addiction, one thing is true - YOU MUST LAY YOUR RECOVERY IN GOD'S HANDS. This is stated in Chapter 7 of the Big Book and couldn't be any closer to the truth. If you don't lay your recovery in God's hands, you will likely fail in your efforts to stay clean and sober. Whether you are a recovering addict or recovering alcoholic, whether you have gone to drug rehab or alcohol rehab,…...
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Asking for Patience, Tolerance, Kindliness, and Love

According to Chapter 6 of the Big Book, when you are working through an alcohol or drug rehab program or you have finished, it is best to ask your "Creator to show you the way of patience, tolerance, kindliness, and love." When it comes to your recovery, you will want to have all 4 of these things with you at all times. They are very important to a successful recovery. Patience You will want patience to be a part of your…...
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AA Saying, “Faith Without Works is Dead”

In Chapter 6 of the Big Book, you will read, "Faith without works is dead" This quote has become quite famous in the addiction recovery world. Both, recovering alcoholics and addicts, have read this saying and implemented it into their life. Many people who go to alcohol and drug rehabs learn about this saying as well. What does it mean though, when you really look at it? Faith Let's break it apart. The first part of this saying is faith.…...
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