Tips for Approaching an Alcoholic

Do you have an alcoholic in your life? Maybe you have tried to talk to them in the past about going to one of the many detox programs available in your town and things just haven't worked out for the better, yet. Maybe you haven't talked to the alcoholic about their disease at all. Either way, there are some tips for approaching an alcoholic that might work. Present the AA Big Book When you are first starting to talk to…...
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What is an Addict?

When you read the N.A. Book, you will come to understand that an addict is "People whose use of any mind-altering, mood changing substance causes a problem in any area of life. Addiction is a disease that involves more than the use of drugs. Some of us believe our disease was present long before we used." If you have developed this disease, whether it was to alcohol or drugs, you can get into one of the best detox programs to…...
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