Welcome to Magnolia Ranch Recovery

Located in Taft, Tennessee

Addiction Treatment

Our team of trained therapists and clinicians are available to treat each resident’s individual needs. We are able to pinpoint psychological and physiological ailments that contribute to their alcohol or drug addiction, while introducing them to long-term sobriety and recovery.

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Individualized Attention

We offer drugs and alcohol rehab programs that allow our residents to experience a custom-fit, individually-designed step-down system. This allows for only an intimate, tight-knit group of clientele to reside and receive rehabilitation treatments at our facility at any given time.

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Specialized Services

The mission here at Magnolia Ranch Recovery alcohol and drug treatment programs is to provide supportive, compassionate, and customized care to those who suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction. We believe each client can be treated while determining the underlying core problems related to their addiction.

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Magnolia Ranch Living

Our historic estates offer residents an intimate setting for their recovery. We are nestled in the country foothills of Middle Tennessee. This provides residents a celestial safe haven for their rehabilitation. We help clients heal spiritually, mentally, and physically while instilling the recovery tools needed to sustain long-term recovery.

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We Believe Anyone Can Recover

Here at Magnolia Ranch Recovery, we believe the behavioral, physiological, spiritual, emotional, occupational, familial, and cognitive issues that accompany alcohol and drug addictions can be treated through both experiential and traditional therapies. This can happen despite someone’s level of dependency or addiction history. We know this is true because we have treated it. We have used proven methods and have hundreds of success stories. Our team knows that long-term drug and alcohol dependency can be treated through evidence-based therapies, other proven vocational rehabilitation experiences, hands-on activities, and a strong accessible support system.

MAGNOLIA RANCH RECOVERY is the premier alcohol and drug treatment center in the Country. We are rooted in the belief that every resident can reach sustained recovery through individualized attention and a 360-degree post-treatment plan of action. Here at Magnolia Ranch, we pride ourselves on offering an intimate setting for alcohol and drug rehabilitation. Through our strong, supportive treatment program, we foster education, self-actualization, and the opportunity to overcome addiction from alcohol and drugs.


Why We’re Different

At Magnolia Ranch Recovery, we have excelled in the field of case management which employs proven methods of employee advocacy, legal case management, union case management, employer case management, career coaching, professional guidance, and life counseling. We use hands-on and goal-setting approaches to help our residents formulate a plan of action for building a recovering and sober lifestyle.


Our Mission

The mission here at Magnolia Ranch Recovery is to provide compassionate, supportive, and individualized care to those who suffer from the wrath of addiction. We believe in treating a client’s underlying core problems to help them heal spiritually, mentally, and physically. We strive to instill the recovery tools needed to live a long-term recovery.


Know Your Options

Our team of clinically licensed, world-class addiction professionals are available to handle any circumstance with the utmost care, privacy, and respect, We will walk you through the process of what becoming a Magnolia Ranch Recovery resident entails. We will explain the features and benefits of our multi-dimensional, exclusive programming, as well.


The Magnolia Difference

Our grounds span over 106 acres of wonderfully maintained land. It is custom-designed to evoke soothing healing, space, comfortable seclusion, and serenity. While grand in size, we have a low client-to-therapist ratio and accessible on-site amenities, so you have every necessity available to you.

It is the success of each client that is our highest achievement. Hear some of their stories first hand…


Ranch Rehab & Recovery Programs Tennessee

Nestled into the base of the rolling, country foothills of Middle Tennessee, our recovery boasts 15 semi-private rooms, amongst our 7,000 square-foot residential mansion. Our grounds span over 106 acres of wonderfully maintained land. It is custom-designed to evoke soothing healing, serenity, space, and comfortable seclusion. While grand in size, the main house is cottage-like and hosts our therapeutic staff, residences, offices, kitchen, and amenities, so you have every necessity available to you.

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