Drug And Alcohol Aftercare Programs


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The primary purpose behind our Tennessee Aftercare Programs is to provide continuous treatment to individuals who have recently completed residential treatment and are either continuing their journey with step-down treatment options or beginning to re-assimilate back into society. Our aftercare program offers support, guidance, and ongoing follow-up care in order to ensure that each resident is continuing on the path towards long-term sobriety.In most cases, Tennessee Aftercare Programs consist of a multi-faceted program put in place by the resident’s counselor or therapist – frequently involving ongoing communication with a therapist, some type of occupational counseling, and attendance at outside support groups.

Aftercare comes highly recommended as a part of the standard “Treatment Model” of comprehensive recovery. This model has proven extremely successful as residents continue receiving professional therapeutic advice while being held accountable for the progression and general achievement of a fully functional, drug-free lifestyle.

Aftercare planning not only focuses on preventing setbacks to each resident’s foundational curriculum in recovery, but also supports the future of that curriculum as many choose ongoing treatment models of therapy and support after completing residential treatment at Magnolia Ranch Recovery. Our residents take advantage of a “soft landing” approach to reintegrating back into their schedules with the help and assistance of our aftercare services.