Our Treatments

Addiction is not a choice. But recovery is. The journey toward recovery begin with the first step.


At Magnolia Ranch Recovery, we have trained representatives available 24-hours a day who are well versed in speaking to anyone considering entering addiction rehab and are still unsure if it is right for them. They have not only been through the process but can also pinpoint specific programs that would help the struggling addict with their problems. You can reach one of our interventionists at 888-992-7955.

Medical Detoxification

Physically withdrawing from drugs and alcohol can be lethal. Without medical supervision, detoxification is often so intense that the individual attempting to come off drugs or alcohol will give up before the process is complete. Desperate to regain physical comfort, this typically means using again. Our partners specialize in this type of care to ensure you or your loved one traverses the initial stages of the recovery process with ease.



Our residential rehabilitation program is what we are known for at Magnolia Ranch Recovery. Clients experience the care, attention and personalization they deserve while being supervised 24-hours per day in a serene and secluded safe haven for rehabilitaiton.


At Magnolia Ranch, we take a hands-on approach to delivering exceptional aftercare for our clients so that they may traverse the road to recovery with support and ease. That is why our aftercare planners work with leading regional Intensive Outpatient Treatment specialists around the country to match each client with the right step-down model that fits their exacting needs.



Outpatient programming is similar to Intensive Outpatient, but requires the client to attend less hours per week of programming, between 1 and 6 total, while continuing to meet with their therapist for a weekly one-on-one 1-hour session. This program is intended to provide continued education and support as the client reaches closer to the 90 day mark of treatment. Our aftercare planners help to match clients with the most effective Outpatient Treatment provider for their needs.

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