Tennessee Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention

Every individual experiences the process of relapse in varying ways, though relapse can always be prevented. Relapse is not a part of recovery, but in many cases, it is a reality. In most instances, relapse begins as an emotional and mental experience before is shifts to a physical relapse. If the signs of relapse are caught early on, it is easy to identify and reverse them with professional intervention and self-determination.

How You Can Prevent Relapse

At Magnolia Ranch Recovery, we firmly believe that with the proper preventative tools, resorting back to old ways can always be avoided. We dedicate a significant portion of our program to instilling such tools – tools that can be referred to if signs of reversion begin presenting themselves.

The early stages of relapse can be prevented with simple acknowledgements and changes in behavior. We teach our residents to recognize when they are isolating and to practice reaching out for help. Additionally, we teach residents to recognize when they are anxious and to practice relaxation techniques. All these coping mechanisms prove essential when one is entering the beginning stages of relapse.

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