Employee Assistance Program

The cost of treatment is no small concern for addicts and their families, and especially for the working-class men and women who are afflicted with addiction. Too many think there is no answer to their drug problem, but at Magnolia Ranch Recovery we believe that everyone deserves the chance to get well. That’s why we strive to help all addicts gain access to treatment through Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) as part of the federal FMLA act. If you work for a private employer, you may be entitled to substance abuse treatment through your EAP.

Getting Help Through Your EAP

Drug and alcohol addiction can affect anyone, and you may struggle with substance abuse through no fault of your own. Addiction is a disease, and while it is a liability in the workplace, it should not cost you your job. Fortunately, employee assistance programs make it so that you should have access to addiction treatment through the FMLA act. You can both recover from addiction and retain your livelihood, and we are here to help you with both.

What are EAPs?

Employee assistance programs are benefits that employers offer in order to improve health and well-being, issues that addiction treatment should be crucial to. The goal is to offer you, the employee, the opportunity to get the help you need so you can return to work at your full capacity, usually in 1-3 months.

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How Do EAPs Deal With Addiction Treatment?

Each state has different policies regarding drug-free workplaces. However, it is a generally held rule that employers cannot fire employees for drug-related incidents if they agree to seek treatment through their EAP. This means that, if you fail an employment-mandated drug test, your job will be secure if you elect to have treatment provided through employee assistance.

What Do I Have to Pay?

Generally speaking, EAPs are free of cost to both employees and their families, as employers have paid in advance for benefits. EAPs are also usually available to all employees, regardless of their health coverage or whether they have elected coverage under their employer.

Is Addiction Treatment Through My EAP Confidential?

Yes, any service provided must be consistent with both state and federal privacy laws, which guarantee your confidentiality and pose no risk to your standing with your employer.

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