What to Bring

What to Bring To Treatment

If you have decided to get help for your drug or alcohol problem, you are ready to take the first step in your recovery journey at Magnolia Ranch Recovery. After we have processed your admission and ensured your full knowledge of resident rights and confidentiality, you are only moments away — all that is left is packing your belongings!

Think of your stay at Magnolia Ranch Recovery to be akin to taking an active vacation to a serene horse ranch. The weather in middle Tennessee is seasonal, so bring clothing that would be appropriate for the time of year you will be attending our residences. Contact our admissions team for an exact assessment of the current weather patterns. As the ranch sits on an active horse farm, we recommend comfortable, durable clothing and footwear that you won’t mind dirtying in our stables! Understand that our program does not allow you to return home, but you may purchase any necessities during your stay. The majority of your time will be spent in groups and attending various activities.

Here is a short list to help you along:

✓ Appropriate, Comfortable Clothing

✓ Shoes: Sandals & old and/or durable sneakers or boots

✓A Wristwatch

✓ Sunglasses, Sunblock, a Hat and Bug Spray

✓ Reading & Writing Materials

✓ ID (driver’s license or state-issued)

✓ Toiletries* (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Razor, Soap) *Other toiletries and towels are provided.

✓ Prescribed Medication

What Not To Bring

⊗ Firearms, knives, or other weapons

⊗ Alcohol or any drugs, other than those prescribed to you

⊗Any products containing alcohol (mouthwash, hand sanitizer, etc.)

⊗ Herbal or nutritional supplements

⊗ Over-the-counter medications

⊗ Glass Items

⊗ Aerosol Items

Ready to Get Help?

Call now to be connected with a compassionate treatment specialist.

A Safe Environment For All

In order to provide a safe, secure, and sober environment for all Magnolia Ranch Recovery residents, we have a strict policy regarding what is and isn’t allowed on our premises. To avoid any issues or misunderstandings as you prepare to enter our program, call our admissions advisors first to confirm what may or may not be appropriate to bring with you to treatment.

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