Addiction Interventions

Addiction Interventions

Nothing is more heartbreaking than discovering that a loved one is suffering from a problem with addiction or alcoholism, except when that loved one shows no interest in getting help for it.  Once an addiction issue has become known family and friends of the addict or alcoholic become hypervigilant to the behaviors and activity of the sick person.  They watch as their loved one spirals further into their disease wishing they could do or say something to help. It is important to understand that an opportunity to be helpful may be missed without proper tact and strategy.  Flippant comments or criticisms towards the addict or alcoholic will only make matters worse or create more distance.  Without the right approach, attempting to help the addict could cause them become more isolated or dishonest.  In situations like these an intervention can be a valuable tool towards helping your loved one.

What is an intervention?

An intervention is a premeditated and coordinated event requiring the collaboration of friends and family with the purpose of encouraging or convincing an addicted or alcoholic loved one to finally commit to and enter into an addiction treatment center to start their path to recovery.

How an Intervention is Conducted

Interventions can be performed either independently or with the aid and assistance of a professional interventionist. There are essentially four stages to preparing for intervention process which require diligence and coordination.   The Who, What, Where and When of addiction intervention is explained:

Note: If an intervention is to be conducted without the help of a professional interventionist it is ideal to appoint a person to coordinate the entire process.  This person would be responsible for identifying and contacting all the people who would add value to the intervention being a success and scheduling the intervention and setting up the subsequent addiction treatment center where the addict or alcoholic would go should the intervention be successful.

Who: It is important to make a decision of who will attend the intervention.  Typically, the group consists of close family and friends who the addict or alcoholic respects and could be positively influenced by.  Attendees may include coworkers, church members or other people from their social circle.  

What: Each person who attends the intervention should prepare a short presentation to share during the intervention.  Their presentation should discuss how they feel about their loved one and their disease.  They might include things about how much better the addict’s or alcoholic’s life was prior to the substance abuse problem.  They might point out their social, physical and mental deterioration.  They may remind them of what they are capable of if they were to stop and what they are missing out on during their active substance abuse. 

Where:  It is important to pick a comfortable place easily accessible to everyone who will be involved or perhaps a place that has meaning to the sufferer. Make sure there is plenty of space for everyone to gather in a seated group.  It must be a welcoming location but not one that makes your loved one feel trapped.

When: Pick a time when everyone will be able available to attend without any barriers.  Ensure that the person for whom the intervention will be performed is not notified as the element of surprise is important to the intervention being successful.  If the addict or alcoholic has time to think about the intervention prior to the event they will have time to develop reasons and excuses as to why now is not the right time. They may plea if they were just given another chance, they would surely stop this time. 


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Scheduling Addiction Treatment

Since the final goal of the intervention process is for the addict or alcoholic to get into treatment, giving us at Magnolia Ranch Recovery a call prior to the intervention is important.   We need details like the person’s name, date of birth and a general medical history.  It is also imperative to have identified a means to pay for treatment which could be their insurance or a prearranged payment plan.  Should the person need to be detoxed we can admit them directly into our Genesis Medical Detox program.  If they can be admitted directly into rehab, then we would place them in our beautiful and accredited addiction treatment center, Magnolia Ranch Recovery.   Once a person is approved for our programs, we would coordinate their admission date to be the date of the intervention.  We would even have transportation coordinated to pick them up for the time the intervention was to be completed. 

Staging the Intervention

Getting the loved one suffering from addiction to the predetermined place and at the right time may require some coercion but it is for their absolute betterment.  Once the addict or alcoholic loved one arrives the intervention coordinator typically explains what is happening and why everyone is there.  It is important to express loving concern. Each attendee should share their prepared presentation without hesitation.  Should the addict or alcoholic express resistance, calmly and lovingly request that they be patient and listen to what everyone has prepared to share with them.

Remember that the ultimate goal is for the addict or alcoholic to get help, so if there appears to be resistance loved ones may even go as far as to leverage their relationship expressing to set new boundaries if the addict or alcoholic does not seek treatment.

If the intervention is a success and the person agrees to come to treatment, our transportation will immediately escort them to either the detox or rehab program.  Treatment is typically 28 to 35 days depending on if detoxification is required.  All of the person’s underlying conditions that contributed to their using drugs or alcohol abuse will be identified and treated by our licensed and compassionate professionals. 

Professional Intervention

Magnolia Ranch Recovery provides professional intervention services to individuals and families in need.  We have within our network professional and experienced interventionists with decades of experience and hundreds of interventions successfully completed.  Our interventionists are organized, compassionate and driven towards the successful recovery of your friend or loved one struggling with the disease of addiction or alcoholism.  

With Magnolia Ranch Recovery’s intervention services one of our professional interventionists works closely with the family and loved ones of the addicted or alcoholic person through the planning process, scheduling, staging the intervention and finally coordination of treatment.  Our interventionists provide remote or direct support depending on the preferences of the family as well as transportation to treatment, as a sober transport, upon the success of an intervention. Lastly, our interventionist acts as a liaison and support between the family and the treatment team throughout the addiction treatment process. Professional intervention services from Magnolia Ranch Recovery are your best chance at a successful intervention and better future for your addicted loved one.

If you are in need of intervention services for you loved one, call us today to get the process started.