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Florida Drug Rehab Services

The need for addiction treatment for Florida residents is significant. Approximately 8% of all Floridians are using drugs and alcohol to addictive levels. In the last year alone over 410,000 Florida residents suffered from illicit drug dependence. In 2019 there were over 4,000 overdoses in Florida’s Broward County. The numbers have increased year over year, and now more Florida residents are in need of addiction treatment. 

Magnolia Ranch Recovery provides addiction treatment services to all of Florida.  For over seven years we have been treating addicts and alcoholics from Florida with great success and exceptional outcomes.  We maintain a patient centered philosophy, putting the quality of care above all other concerns. This is expressed through our truly individualized therapies and through more one-on-one therapy sessions.  Our inpatient drug rehab services include: 

Inpatient Medical Detox, Residential Addiction TreatmentDual Diagnosis TreatmentPHP or Partial Hospitalization Programming and IOP or Intensive Outpatient Programming.

Why Travel from Florida to Tennessee for Addiction Treatment

While Florida is home to many drug rehabs and addiction treatment facilities, many people decide to travel for treatment so they can be away from any people or places that contributed to their addiction.  Our Tennessee based addiction treatment center operates at an exceptional standard.  Magnolia Ranch Recovery is Joint Commission accredited and Licensed by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.  We track our outcomes and over 60% of the people who travel to our addiction treatment facility stay clean and sober for a year or more. 

Our private luxurious facility is located in the rolling hills of naturally beautiful rural Tennessee.  Our large campus offers scenic views and is home to seven stabled horses which play an active role in our Equine Therapy program.  The experience of nature and our socialized horses adds to the serenity of our addiction treatment experience.  

Transportation from Florida for Drug Rehab

Distance can be an issue for many people seeking drug rehab in Florida, so in an effort to eliminate barriers to getting addiction treatment, Magnolia Ranch Recovery provides transportation to and from anywhere in the state of Florida.  We help with the travel and make sure you get the help you need in our Tennessee facility.  Whether you live in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Panama City Beach or any of the rural areas of Florida, we help get you to our beautiful addiction treatment center in Tennessee. 

A Day in Our Addiction Treatment Center

The morning walk at Magnolia Ranch Recovery is followed by group-guided meditation – a life skill proven to help with relieving anxiety and greatly improving one’s own recovery journey. At 9 a.m. residents participate in a goal-setting group. This is where the residents will join together to set their intentions for that day.

At Magnolia Ranch Recovery, residents get 56 hours of clinical therapy throughout each week. This includes 6 hours of therapy on the weekends (not offered at other similar facilities). The schedule at Magnolia Ranch Recovery is carefully outlined to develop and cultivate a journey toward recovery. Each morning, starting around 9:30 a.m., small groups are led by our accredited therapists. In each micro-group, the residents take part in daily teachings which offer an intimate and safe setting for personal awakening amongst each member of the group. Here at Magnolia Ranch, we pride ourselves on tailoring to each of these small groups of residents with similar backgrounds. This way the residents involved in each group can share experiences and ultimately grow amongst one another.

Each day includes various holistic groups which include Equine Therapy, Art Therapy, Music Therapy and life skills activities.  These groups provide therapeutic value through the principles of community and creativity.  Meals are provided in our dining hall and prepared by an onsite chef and culinary team.  

Paying for Florida Drug Rehab

Magnolia Ranch Recovery’s Tennessee drug rehab programs are contracted with many private and commercial insurance companies across the state of Florida. If insurance is not available, we have self-pay options for our drug rehab programs.  Some of our contracts include Cigna, Tricare, Ambetter, BHS and Magellan.  Please contact us directly to see if your insurance covers our drug rehab services. 


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