8 Benefits of Individual Therapy for Mental Health Treatment


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When you enroll yourself in therapy, you get one step closer to improving your mental health. You may be confused between group therapy and individual therapy. Group therapy allows you to get support during your therapy sessions. On the contrary, individual therapy gives you a safe space to explore your feelings, thoughts, and concerns. It is a private therapeutic session between you and your therapist, without the involvement of external parties. Individual therapy is designed to be intimate and personal.

Although expensive, individual therapy offers several benefits like:

  1. Personalized therapy- Individual therapy helps you deal with various problems, including anxiety, depression, and trauma. If you are uncertain about coping or feeling helpless about a situation, individual therapy can be the perfect solution for you. The therapist will formulate a personalized treatment as per your concerns and needs. It will also help you to know yourself better.
  2. One-on-one attention- Individual therapy enables the therapist to work solely with you and put all their energy and attention into customizing the treatment for you. The therapist creates a space that can make you feel safe and let you explore your feelings, thoughts, and life experiences. You will not have to worry about other people’s judgments.
  3. Confidentiality- You may not want the world to know that you are taking therapy. You can share your problems with the therapist, knowing that they will be kept confidential. Your confidentiality will be best protected in individual treatment as your concerns will be only shared between you and the therapist.
  4. Easier scheduling- In group therapy, it can be challenging to coordinate with everyone and schedule the therapy at a comfortable time. With personal counseling sessions, you can fix the therapy as per your schedule without worrying about others.
  5. Comfortable pace- In an individual therapy session, it is easier to work with your therapist at your own pace. You will not have to worry about the therapy moving too fast or too slow.
  6. Stronger alliance- You get direct feedback from the therapist about your progress. Since your therapist has to focus on you solely, they will better understand your problems and struggles. It will help you build a solid therapeutic alliance with your therapist, which may not be possible in group therapy.
  7. Discover healthy coping methods- Since individual therapy is all about you, you get a lot of time to overcome stress, depression, or anxiety to help you overcome your struggles and handle difficult situations.
  8. Improve your relationships with others- If you feel anxious or depressed, it can affect your relationships with your loved ones. Get in individual therapy to freely discuss your relationships which you may not do in group therapy or family therapy. You can also discuss the ways through which you can improve your relationships.

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