The Cycle of Drinking and Drugging


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According to Chapter 6 of the Big Book, the addict or alcoholic, leads a double life. He or she acts and takes on a stage character. When he or she is under the influence, things are done, which are very much regrettable. This leads to more drinking and drugging and the cycle continues.

Drinking and Drugging

There are many reasons why addicts and alcoholics drink and use drugs. They go out to clubs or parties with their friends and they feel the urge to do so. When put into a social situation, the person does what they can to cope and fit in with the people around them. The person may feel the need to drink and use drugs in order to deal with emotions. They may be trying to cope with their family history, abuse from their past, or peer pressure. Whatever the reason, when the person puts themselves in a setting that tempts them to use again, the cycle continues and the stage character takes over.

Feeling Remorse for the Things That Occurred

Once an addict comes down from their high or begins to detox, feelings of remorse and regret start to surface. The person feels bad for slipping and he or she may choose to start drinking or drugging again. They don’t know how else to deal with these feelings. Drinking and drugging masks the negative emotions and the regret that they feel. Although it’s a temporary solution, it may seem like the only one for that moment.

Drinking and Drugging Again and Again

The regrettable choices a person makes while under the influence can seem impossible to take back or change. The person starts to detox, realizes what they have done, and the cycle continues. However, continuing the cycle is definitely not the only option a person has in this situation. When this happens, it is important that the addict is aware of the options they have outside of drinking and drugging again and again. Instead of giving into the family history, the need to mask the emotions felt, and the peer pressure, an addict or alcoholic should look for help in the form of an addiction treatment center.


Addicts and alcoholics often have a difficult time overcoming their addiction. The cycle that they face on a regular basis is often vicious and can sometimes continue for years. When caught in the middle of this cycle of drugging and drinking, it can seem impossible to get out. They may feel like there is no where else to turn. Often times, the addict or alcoholic feels alone in their struggles, but that is far from the truth. Luckily, there are addiction rehab center treatment programs that are available and ready to help.

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