Alcoholism is a disease.

According to the Big Book, after referring to Dr. William D. Silkworth’s medical opinion, it is stated that some people may have an allergy to alcohol. Hospitalization is the favored treatment for alcoholics. By first detoxing the body from alcohol, the mind can have a clearer perspective to understand and overcome alcoholism. Once detoxed from alcohol, the alcoholic can begin to heal psychologically.

Unsafe Use of Alcohol

According to ASCIA, alcohol allergies are real. It is likely that those who have an alcohol allergy can never safely consume alcohol. Once they have developed a habit of drinking and can’t break that habit alone and lost their self-confidence, problems begin building up.

It may seem like a long shot. However, if someone consumes alcohol once, and they crave alcohol after that, they should avoid all further alcohol consumption. These cravings likely indicate they have an allergy to alcohol. It is not safe for them to drink without the risk of addiction.

Effects of Alcohol

Most people who consume alcohol do so because they like the effects they get from it. Even after some people admit they have a problem, they can’t seem to quit drinking, because they like those effects. Some of the most common effects people get from drinking are relaxation, sleepiness, increased social interactions, and more. These are some of the desirable effects from alcohol.

The problem is there are many negative side effects from drinking as well. Some of those effects include dizziness, heart rate issues, stumbling, passing out, trouble concentrating, the hangover, and more. The thing is, most people who have become addicted to alcohol, don’t care enough about those side effects to quit. They are stuck on the positive effects they get from drinking.

Talking About Alcoholism

So, what exactly is alcoholism? Alcoholism is a disease in which someone can’t quit drinking on their own. This disease causes cravings which is the strong desire to keep drinking. It causes loss of control. This is not being able to quit drinking once someone has started. Alcoholism causes physical dependence. This is where the symptoms of withdrawal might occur. It also causes increased tolerance. This means someone would need to drink more and more to get the same effects as when they began drinking.

Treating Alcoholism

There are millions of people who suffer with some degree of alcoholism. The good news is there are treatments available at addiction rehab centers. These programs help the alcoholic to find the source of their addiction. It helps them to figure out their triggers, stressors, and to identify other issues in their life. Through the detox and recovery program, alcoholics can overcome their addiction.

If you suffer with alcoholism, be sure to contact an addiction rehab center today. You can get help and support to overcome the disease. It can be difficult to ask for help in the first place. However, once you do, your life can finally turn around and get better. You can finally have peace, serenity, and balance in your life.