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Each individual going through substance use disorder has a unique experience affected by their personal experiences and trauma. The effect of abusive substances also varies depending on the length of usage, frequency, and physical and mental well-being of the addict. That’s why addiction treatment centers in Tennessee use a continuum of care to treat their patients. It involves providing different levels of care depending on the patient’s condition. 

Read on to know the four different levels of care offered in addiction treatment centers. 

Early intervention services

It is the first level of care usually designed for people at risk of becoming addicts but who can’t yet be diagnosed as addicts. These patients show specific signs of substance abuse disorders, but not all of them. The common symptoms include:

  • Aggressive childhood behavior
  • Poor social relationships
  • Easy substance availability

Intensive Outpatient Treatment / Outpatient Treatment services 

The next level of care is known as outpatient care, in which a patient recovering from addiction can maintain their regular life while getting the treatment. The patient has to get an initial assessment from the doctor for outpatient services, who further determines the tests. 

After the test results are received, the doctor will derive a treatment plan for you. It can include medications, individual and group therapy sessions, and other treatment methods. You will have to visit the facility regularly to receive the treatment. Outpatient services are further classified into partial residential treatment and intensive outpatient. Your doctor will determine which one works best for you. 

Inpatient / Residential Treatment Program services

You need to live at a rehab in Tennessee full-time at this level of care to receive treatment. Such inpatient treatments are given to patients who need a more stable environment than they can’t get at home. It is beneficial for patients with significant functional impairments and those dealing with other mental health issues. 

Inpatient services are further classified into three categories:

  • Clinically managed low-intensity residential services 
  • Clinically managed population-specific high-intensity residential services
  • Medically monitored intensive inpatient services

Medically inpatient detox treatment

The final level of treatment or care is the highest level of care any substance use disorder patient can receive. Under this level of care, the patient gets 24×7 nursing care under the supervision of a doctor. It is suitable for adolescents and patients with acute levels of intoxication and risk of death, and excessive withdrawal symptoms. 

Some people call this level a medical detox. However, it is much more than simply removing the toxic substances from your body. 

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