According to Chapter 8 of the Big Book, “the alarming physical and mental symptoms, the deepening pall of remorse, depression and inferiority that settled down on our loved ones — these things terrified and distracted us.” While this is often taken in different perspectives, from the alcoholics viewpoint and all that is going on, how is a person supposed to reach solid ground. They often reach out for help, but in other cases don’t reach out in time. They may end up in jail or hitting rock bottom even further than before. The good news is there are ways out of this bottom that many alcoholics have never seen before.

AA or NA Meetings

There are Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings that people can attend. These meetings are for those wanting to turn their lives around. If you have been abusing drugs or alcohol, turn to these meetings for the guidance you need to reach solid ground. It isn’t all going to happen at once, but when you start receiving the help you need, your life will slowly start swirling back into place.


There are also alcohol rehab and drug rehab programs that people can attend. These are either short-term or long-term. However, the truth is that most people who have an addiction to alcohol or drugs needs the long-term version of these programs. If you have been abusing substances, be sure to reach out to the appropriate alcohol rehabilitation or drug rehabiliation to help you recover. Don’t let yourself fall any further into your addiction.

Alcohol and drug addictions can and do destroy lives. However, as you realize what your addiction is doing to your life, you can reach out for help from alcohol treatment centers or drug treatment centers today. Alcoholics can get the help they need. Addiction recovery help is all just a phone call away – 888-992-7955.