Do You Only Need to Get Sober?


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One of the main questions that often presses the community of recovery from an addiction is this: “Do you only need to get sober?” The answer is no. Yes, sobriety is a huge part of your recovery. If you don’t get and stay sober, you won’t be able to keep up your recovering lifestyle and press forward. However, with that being said, your recovery must be much more than just your sobriety. You must live a full recovering lifestyle. There are many things you might to do, in addition to staying sober, if you want to live a recovering lifestyle after you stay in an alcohol or drug rehab program.

Attending Support Groups or Recovery Meetings

One of the things that many recovering alcoholics and addicts find helpful in their recovery is to attend support groups and/or recovering meetings. They find these groups to be their go-to when things get rough and to prevent a relapse as well. They provide the recovering alcoholic or addict with some accountability after they finish their stay in an alcohol or drug rehabilitation program. If you need the extra support in your recovery, which just about everyone does, these groups and meetings may be just what you need.

Making Truthful Amends

A huge part of the addiction recovery process is making amends. While these can be tough at times, if you are going to get and stay sober, they must be done. Everyone has made mistakes in their life. If you are going to live a fully recovering lifestyle, you must not skip out on making truthful amends. The only time you can’t or shouldn’t make a direct amend is when it will harm someone else or yourself. In this case, praying about the amend or finding other ways to make the amend may be helpful. The most important thing to remember is that you must be truthful. People in your life deserve to know you are sorry for what you have done.

Keeping Yourself Honest

A number one rule to living a full recovering lifestyle is keeping yourself honest. If you want to get and stay sober, you must make sure you are being honest with yourself and with others. The minute you start telling lies, yes, even the white lies, the minute your sobriety gets put at risk. If this is something you would like to avoid, you must be sure to have honesty in everything you do and say during your recovery.

Are you in recovery from an addiction or planning to be? If so, you must remember that your sobriety is not everything there is to recovery. Yes, if you get sober and stay sober, that is an amazing feat. However, you must do more in your recovery than just get sober. You must get the support you need, make truthful amends, and keep yourself honest. These are the things that will help you in your recovery, along with staying sober.

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