When it comes to an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the family can be there in many different ways. There are some things that a family can do that nobody else can. Before reading more about how you can help the addict in your life, know that you can’t force them to change. They must do this on their own. However, you can encourage them to head in the right direction by doing certain things.

Change Yourself

Addiction doesn’t just affect the addict. It affects the entire family. In many cases, the family members are enabling the addict. If you can change yourself and the way you react to their addiction, you can encourage them to make healthy and positive changes, as well.

Get Resources for Them

You can get resources for the addict in your life. Find them a list of drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs throughout the area you are living in. Sometimes it can be overwhelming for the addict to think about getting everything they need to in order to overcome their addiction. If you help them out in this way, you could be doing them a favor.

Be There for Them

Just because someone in your life has an addiction, that doesn’t make them a bad person. They want to know deep down that you still love and care about them. You can be there for them without enabling them. Just let them know you will be there for them while they go to an alcohol rehabilitation or drug rehabiliation. You will be there for them while they recover from their addiction. Sometimes just knowing this is all someone needs to get into a treatment program.

These are some ways family members can be there for an addict. If you need a number to an alcohol treatment center or drug treatment center today, have them call 888-992-7955 today.