In your recovery from an alcohol or drug addiction, there are certain things you will need to pay attention to. One of those things is how much you are taking on. While you don’t want to allow y0urself to get too bored, you don’t want to take on so much that you are overwhelming yourself either. You should be able to keep just busy enough that you aren’t feeling overwhelmed. How can you do this? Whether you have just gone home from an alcohol or drug rehab program or you are well into your recovery, there are some tips that can help you with this.

Don’t Say Yes to Everyone and Everything

As a new recovering addict, this tip can be a little more difficult than most. You want others to see who you truly are. However, you don’t want them to be disappointed when you don’t attend events, parties, etc. either. There is a balance. You just have to learn not to say yes to everyone and everything. Coming out of a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program can be tough. Others may not quite understand what you are going through. However, in time, they are going to see your true self. You don’t have to bend to their every need to show this to them.

Use a Calendar

Many recovering addicts find themselves overwhelmed because they are taking on too much without scheduling most of it. They may get an invite to a summer party and say “yes”. Meanwhile, they already had agreed to help their parents clean the attic. If you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by the things you are taking on in recovery, using a calendar is a good tip for you to use. A calendar can help you to stay organized and give you a reason not to say yes to everyone.

Balance Your Priorities

What is most important to you? Who do you want to spend most of your time with? These are things you need to think about when you are in recovery from an alcohol or drug addiction. When you learn to balance your priorities, you are more likely to feel less overwhelmed. You are also more likely to feel happier which can help to reduce your chances of relapsing as well.

As a recovering addict, there are many important things you will need to do. You will have your own personal things to do, along with those that others invite you to as well. The best thing you can do is to keep busy, without overwhelming yourself. By following the tips mentioned here, this is exactly what you can do.

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