When you are starting your recovery from an addiction, one thing is true – YOU MUST LAY YOUR RECOVERY IN GOD’S HANDS. This is stated in Chapter 7 of the Big Book and couldn’t be any closer to the truth. If you don’t lay your recovery in God’s hands, you will likely fail in your efforts to stay clean and sober. Whether you are a recovering addict or recovering alcoholic, whether you have gone to drug rehab or alcohol rehab, laying your recovery in God’s hands is a must.

Never Lay Your Recovery in the Hands of Loved Ones

When you were in active addiction, there were probably times when you hurt the ones you loved. In the same regard, they might have hurt you, as well. Either way, you should never lay your recovery in the hands of loved ones. While you may want them to accept you now that you are going to an alcohol rehabilitation or drug rehabiltation program, you can’t force them to. They aren’t responsible for your recovery. In fact, they might not even quickly accept that you are recovering from your addiciton. This may take time or they might never accept it. With this being said, you must never lay your recovery in the hands of loved ones or you might relapse.

Get Well without the Push from Others

While it can be a great thing having a huge support network in your recovery from an addiction, you sh9uld make God your number one supporter. You can get well without the push from others if you put your focus and will into God’s hands. Ask God what he can do for you and let him lead the way in your recovery from the addiction. Ask him to guide you in picking out the best members for your support network. Allow God to help guide you away from forcing others to accept your recovery.

Let Others Come to You

You can make amends in your recovery from an addiction. However, you should let others come to you. As previously mentioned, you can get well without the push from others. In time, they may come to you and accept your recovery progress. They may accept that you are making changes in your life. You can’t force them to accept these changes which is why they must come to you. Just keep doing what you are doing and one day your loved ones may see the recovering side of you.

When you are in recovery from an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or anything else, you should lay your recovery in God’s hands. This is important if you want to increase your chances of staying sober, preventing a relapse, and continuing your recovery. If you have already relapsed, call alcohol treatment centers or drug treatment centers at 888-992-7955 today and remember from this point forward to put your recovery in God’s hands.