Anniston Rehab Programs

Anniston Rehab Programs For Alcohol & Drugs

In these modern times, there are plenty of different detox programs that can be found in major cities across the country. In order to ensure that you get the best possible care for your individual needs, you want to choose a program that suits your problems the best. This is especially the case if you have a mental health issue that coincides with your addiction.

For example, if you suffer from depression along with a substance addiction, this will require a different kind of treatment program than somebody suffering anxiety mixed with alcoholism. The amount of information about treatment centers in Anniston is huge, so here is some of the basic knowledge to help give you an idea of what to expect from Magnolia Ranch Recovery.

Detox programs in Anniston

In Anniston, the vast majority of drug and alcohol rehab centers are inpatient, and this means that a person stays on site in a specialized facility while they receive their treatment. Magnolia Ranch offers Anniston Outpatient Programs as well as residential programs.

How long you spend as an inpatient will depend what kind of program you need to complete. Being an inpatient means that there are always professionals on hand to assist you in the process, which in turn will help with relapse prevention. In the first days after entering rehab, you will go through withdrawal, and this is the time when you need the most help.

Treatment Centers in Anniston

Many of the methods and treatments used at Magnolia Ranch Recovery in Anniston to treat both alcohol and drug addiction are the same, so you will find similarities in the two programs. Commonly shared methods include:

  • · Cognitive behavioral therapy – therapy that works to change the ways that you think about your addiction and the addictive substance.
  • · Dialectical behavior therapy – therapy that deals with your emotions and tries to change the ways that you feel about the substances in question.
  • · Group therapy.
  • · Family therapy.
  • · Trauma therapy.

We also believe in the power of complementary and alternative therapies that show benefits for some patients and so we offer Anniston Meditation, Anniston Yoga, Anniston Art Therapy, and Anniston Equine Assisted Therapy.

Purpose of Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab in Anniston

The primary reason to enter Magnolia Ranch Recovery is to get over addiction and learn how to live without substances. Of course, this is easier said than done, but a lot of work goes into making sure that you become substance-free and remain that way.

The first experience you will have in rehab is withdrawal, and that generally makes a person feel incredibly sick and uncomfortable. This is a necessary period to get through before you start feeling well again.

Withdrawal usually takes around 72 hours from start to finish, and after this medical rehab is over, the real physical and emotional therapy can begin to get to and treat the root causes of your addiction. This will also involve learning new life habits and ways of living that will prevent you from falling back into substance addiction.

It is important to know that support continues after recovery through our Magnolia Ranch Case Management, Aftercare and Relapse Prevention programs in Anniston

Effectiveness of Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Anniston

It is a fact that many people who enter rehab end up relapsing at some point afterwards. Some will go through the process again at a later date, while for others, in the most serious cases, their addiction finally becomes fatal. Something important to remember, though, is that going through Magnolia Ranch rehab is still the most effective form of beating addiction compared to DIY methods.

The most effective and successful programs are 12 step and residential programs, but even in these, many patients will fail to see their course through at their first attempt. It can often take many attempts to successfully complete rehab because you need to be absolutely committed in order to finally beat an addiction.

Signs You Might Need to Check into an Alcohol or Drug Treatment Centre in Anniston

Some of the most common indications that you will benefit from checking into Magnolia Ranch Recovery in Anniston include:

  • · Increased home life trouble.
  • · Instability to go more than one day without substances.
  • · Problems with your employment.
  • · Shakes in the morning that make you want to use drugs/alcohol.
  • · Blacking out.
  • · Using substances to get through a tough day.
  • · Anxiety when you don’t have substances to hand.
  • · Operating vehicles under the influence and endangering your loved ones.
  • · Hiding drug use from others.

Recovery After Treatment in a Drug or Alcohol Treatment Center in Anniston

One of the most important elements of rehab is making plans for your continued recovery outside. For most addicts, this is achieved through the attendance and commitment to a 12 step program. These programs have been found to be the most effective form of help outside of rehab facilities.

Having success in rehab is all about choosing the place and the environment that is going to work best for you and your individual circumstances. You need to become part of a community that you can keep on connecting within the outside world, who can help you to keep on the sober path when you no longer have the constant care and attention of rehab professionals.

If you are ready to discuss your options, call us here at Magnolia Ranch Recovery in Anniston on 888-992-7955. Valued team members are ready to offer advice and a consultation.

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