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Fayetteville Equine Assisted Therapy is an experiential modality that allows rehabilitation residents the opportunity to interact with horses on an ongoing basis to simultaneously improve both their physical and mental health. By participating in equine activities, such as grooming, feeding, and ground exercise, residents are introduced to the prospect of building on their feelings of self-worth, accountability, and purpose. Deeper emotive progress occurs as residents improve their social, emotional, and cognitive predispositions.Horses are the leading choice in providing animal-assisted therapy because of their own emotive nature. Horses assist residents in understanding themselves better as the horse mirrors the resident’s emotions in real time, during each therapy session, providing a feedback loop based on the resident’s interaction with them.

Equine therapy helps our residents improve:

Personal Accountability
Socialization Skills
Community Engagement
Emotional Management

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At Magnolia Ranch Recovery, not only is our Fayetteville Equine Assisted therapy an especially distinctive feature of our therapeutic programming, but we have also carved out several “Sensory Trails” amongst our 106-acre property. These trails are designed specifically to give the residents or guests a celestial experience where they can relish in the peaceful serenity of the central-Tennessee countryside. Many of our residents have felt deeply disconnected with life, especially the simpler pleasures. We know that our Equine Assisted Therapy and our spiritual “Sensory Trails” help them to tap into a deeply forgotten space in their spirit that has been subdued for too long.Fayetteville Equine Assisted Therapy