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While Magnolia Ranch Recovery does not currently offer outpatient treatment services, our aftercare planning includes placement at a top-tier Huntsville outpatient program for each of our residents so that they may continue along their therapeutic path at a leading accredited outpatient facility.

Outpatient programming is similar to Intensive Outpatient, but it requires the client to attend less hours per week of programming, between 1 and 6 hours total, while still continuing to meet with their therapist for a 1-hour individual session. This program is intended to provide continued education and support as the client reaches closer to the 90 day mark of treatment.

Outpatient care provides patients with more freedom. This allows the client to maintain commitments they may have with a job, school, family, or to other outside support systems. Clients can return home at the end of the day allowing not only a greater level of privacy, but also a greater level of personal responsibility. Clients must voluntarily abstain from using drugs and alcohol during the time periods they spend unsupervised.Outpatient treatment is a very important facet of the overall recovery process for several reasons. First of all, every Huntsville outpatient program requires some component of group therapy. While much of this therapy will take place during the hours the outpatient program is held, clients are frequently required to attend outside 12-step meetings. Therapy is crucial to recovery in the sense that relating to and sharing experiences with other addicts and alcoholics is the foundation for a stable and lasting support system. Outpatient therapy provides a support network and teaches clients how to interact with others in ways that will be mutually beneficial – having a solid support system helps facilitate long-term recovery.