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In many cases, addictive tendencies are brought to light in an individual after they undergo a traumatic experience. Trauma ranges in severity, though every experience is the same in the sense that it is often a precursor to drug addiction and alcoholism. Huntsville Trauma & PTSD Therapy must be professionally addressed to ensure maintainable sobriety, for it is proven that if left untreated, traumatic experiences can lead directly to relapse.At Magnolia Ranch Recovery, we have multiple licensed trauma therapy specialists on our team, all experienced in successfully treating issues related to post-traumatic stress. Traumatic experience is worked on in an individualized setting, during one-on-one therapy sessions with one our licensed therapists. Each resident is paired with a therapist that they will meet with on a weekly basis, allowing them time to gain trust and establish a personal and confidential relationship.

Because many traumatic experiences, though varying in specifics, revolve around the same general themes (sexual abuse, the loss of a loved one, physical violence), trauma is also sometimes addressed in a group setting. This allows residents to relate to one another and further understand that support is available, and they are not alone in their feelings or experiences. Of course, boundaries will be pushed if our teams of Huntsville Trauma & PTSD Therapy professionals believe that the outcome will prove largely beneficial to the resident – though boundaries will never be crossed. We understand that trauma is deep-seeded, personal, and severe and needs to be approached gently as well as with great care.

Our goal is not only to make sure each resident is always comfortable, but also that each resident emotionally heals during his or her stay.The approaches that we take in the area of trauma therapy vary greatly depending on each resident. Aside from providing one-on-one therapy sessions on a regular basis, we sometimes employ other methods of therapy such as psychodrama and expressive arts therapy. No matter what traumatic experience you or your loved one has undergone, we are here to help.