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The regular practice of Huntsville yoga is a component of recovery that many drug treatment centers and alcohol treatment centers, including Magnolia Ranch Recovery and found highly beneficial. In fact, we have even incorporated into our alcohol rehab and drug rehab recovery program. Yoga has demonstrated effectiveness both on a clinical level and on the level of individual experience. It facilitates the calm, concentration, and peace of mind that is necessary to attain long-term recovery.Huntsville Yoga is a practice that incorporates controlled and conscious breathing with a wide variety of physical postures. These postures help to increase flexibility, improve concentration, and promote patience. It has proven exceedingly beneficial in alcohol rehabilitation and drug rehabilitation recovery programs. This is because it strengthens control, which proves highly advantageous when an individual begins to experience cravings, loss of temper, or other co-occurring disorders such as insomnia.

Yoga fosters awareness of one’s body in a nurturing and calming way. It is important for addiction treatment patients to begin forming a close connection between mind and physical self. This deep respect for one’s physical being will help to reduce the disregard for personal health that characterizes substance abuse.

Residents will be taught to sit still and look within themselves. Doing so, facilitates compassion, patience, and self-awareness. A newfound ability to calmly handle stressful situations will also lead to positive change and personal growth. As new coping strategies begin to from, the steadiness of the mind and the body will begin to rapidly improve.