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Often, the most difficult part of the recovery process is adjusting to the responsibilities and requirements of life after a residential rehabilitation stay, while also managing the consequences of addiction. Magnolia Ranch has a staff dedicated to helping residents successfully maneuver back into the real world while, maintaining a balanced life of recovery, by assisting them in building back a foundation and future through offering a comprehensive Memphis Case Management Rehab curriculum.

After an initial meeting to pinpoint the resident’s background, education and employment history, the case manager assists the resident in developing a plan to incorporate future goals after their transition from a residential environment to an independent atmosphere.

Simply identifying a resident’s future goals gives them a markedly increased chance of one day achieving them. Our Memphis case management then design an individual success map with those specific goals in mind.

The goal of this program is to empower residents to pursue a thoughtful and comprehensive growth plan for sustained employment that offers financial and emotional stability. Following treatment, this can be a daunting and insurmountable goal on one’s own. Therefore, the relationship between resident and counselor, weeks and months after treatment, is critical as it offers the support needed to sustain the effort. They meet in person or via electronic communication to reflect on progress and discuss challenges that arise, so the resident can stay motivated and encouraged until they have achieved long-term success on their own.

Magnolia Ranch Recovery encourages a future of social interdependence. The goal of treatment at Magnolia Ranch is to provide residents with a road map to recovery: engaging residents in identifying the core issues that are holding them back from being successful in life and creating a healthy path toward achieving the goals they have outlined during their treatment. While treating our residents for their addictions is our foundational purpose, we believe that the next steps after treatment are the rebuilding of each resident’s personal life, relationships, and career. This is equally as important as it affords them the useful tools and optimism required to achieve sustained sobriety.


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