Montgomery Rehab Programs

Montgomery Rehab Programs For Alcohol & Drugs

There are plenty of detox programs to be found in most cities, but you want one that specializes in treatments for the individual needs of each patient, particularly if you have a mental illness that goes along with the substance use disorder.

For example, someone with depression and drug addiction will need a different type of care than one who has anxiety and an alcohol dependency. When it comes to treatment centers for drugs and alcohol, there’s a lot of information to take in, which can make the entire process seem more overwhelming and scary than it is. Here is the basic information about Magnolia Ranch treatment centers and rehab in Montgomery.

Detox programs in Montgomery

We offer Montgomery Outpatient Programs but most drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs are inpatient, which means you’ll stay on site while you go through the process.  The length of time depends on the program you choose at Magnolia Ranch Recovery. The purpose of this round the clock care is to help you get through your cravings and prevent a relapse. After the first few days, most patients really begin to struggle with withdrawal symptoms and a rehab center uses a variety of treatment methods as this occurs.

Treatment Centers in Montgomery

Whether you’re choosing a Magnolia Ranch in Montgomery as a drug treatment center or an alcohol treatment center, there are methods of treatment that are used that are similar in both. Some of the most common include

  • · Cognitive behavioral therapy, which aims to change the way you think and behave around drugs and alcohol, allowing you to take control of your addiction.
  • · Dialectical behavior therapy is another common treatment method, with a goal of focusing on emotions, changing the way you feel about your substance of choice.
  • · Trauma therapy
  • · Group therapy
  • · Family therapy.

Other forms of therapy offered by Magnolia Ranch are Montgomery yoga, Montgomery art therapy, Montgomery equine-assisted therapy, and Montgomery Meditation.

Purpose of Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab in Montgomery

The ultimate purpose of entering a drug or alcohol rehab program is to learn to live without the substance and to let go of an addiction. This is clearly easier said than done and there’s a lot that happens at a Magnolia Ranch rehab center to get you to the point of being sober or drug-free.

The first thing that happens is to get through withdrawal, which can make a person very sick and uncomfortable. Getting through these side effects is the necessary beginning to feeling well enough to leave the program and exist on your own, without using drugs or alcohol.

Withdrawal is a medical rehab process that an average of 72 hours, after which the therapy and residential care provided at a Montgomery Magnolia Ranch can address the underlying causes of the addiction and how to approach the situation in a healthier way. This includes learning new ways of living and new habits that keep the cravings for drugs or alcohol at bay and helps prevent the risk of a relapse.

Effectiveness of Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Montgomery

Unfortunately, many people who go through rehab will ultimately relapse. In some of these cases, the person will go through rehab again, but in some cases, the person can die or become permanently disabled. However, Magnolia Ranch rehab programs are still significantly more effective than do-it-yourself methods.

Residential and 12-step programs appear to have the highest success rates, though many people will drop out their first time around and will need several attempts before they are successful at living and coping with their addiction. The goal of rehab, in addition to encouraging sobriety or drug dependency, is to improve each patient’s quality of life.

Signs You Might Need to Check into an Alcohol or Drug Treatment Center in Montgomery

There are many indications that you might benefit from a Magnolia Ranch rehab program. If you feel that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, speak to your doctor about finding the right rehab center for your needs.

Signs to be on the lookout in yourself or a loved one include increased trouble in your home life due to your addiction, attempts to stop using that only last a day or two, impacts on the job and shakiness in the morning that makes you feel the need to use when you get out of bed.

Other signs include blackouts, using drugs or alcohol after a hard day or a stressful event and discomfort in situations when alcohol or drugs aren’t available.

You might also need rehab if you have operated a vehicle under the influence, your family and friends express concern about your habits or if you try to hide your use of drugs or alcohol from those close to you.

Recovery After Treatment in a Drug or Alcohol Treatment Center in Montgomery

Our Montgomery rehab programs last for a specific length of time (although there is flexibility if the patient requires more time) and knowing how your recovery looks afterward is an important part of being ready to leave the center. Our Montgomery Case Management Programs and Montgomery Aftercare Programs are our essential tool in providing the personalization every patient requires.

For most people, programs that continue outside rehab, such as 12-step programs, are most effective for continued recovery as they keep you accountable and provide a support group you can rely on when things are hard.

Identifying effective treatment depends on your specific needs and the bottom line is that success depends on you, so the Magnolia Ranch program you choose should be able to work with your situation and connect you with a community that can help you stay on track.

If you are ready to talk to someone about a rehab program, call one of our trusted advisors on 888-992-7955 for a free confidential assessment.


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