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Oklahoma City Rehab Programs For Alcohol & Drugs

Oklahoma City is a large place and that means you have quite a few detox programs available. While you’re exploring your options, keep in mind that the right program is one that addresses a patient’s individual needs, particularly if the substance abuse occurs in conjunction with a mental health disorder.

A patient with a dependency that occurs with anxiety is going to need a different approach to treatment than one who has depression and is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Learning about rehabilitation centers options can be overwhelming because there’s so much information to assimilate. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about Magnolia Ranch treatment centers and rehab in Oklahoma City.

Detox Programs in Oklahoma City

Although we offer Magnolia Ranch outpatient programs, most of the drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs that you’ll encounter operate on an inpatient basis, which means you will reside on a Magnolia Ranch site during the course of your treatment. The amount of time you spend as an inpatient is dependent on the rehabilitation centers you choose and the type of treatments you need.

The round the clock care provided to an inpatient is designed to help prevent a relapse and assists you in getting through your cravings. Initially, patients tend to struggle the most with withdrawal symptoms and there are several kinds of interventions used at this point.

Treatment Centers in Oklahoma City

Whether you’re in rehab for drugs or alcohol, the methods used to treat an addiction are similar. The most common are:

  • · Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which aims to help you control your addiction by changing your behaviors around drugs or alcohol.
  • · Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), an approach that focuses on your emotions and how you feel around drugs or alcohol.
  • · Family therapy.
  • · Group therapy.
  • · Trauma therapy.

At Magnolia Ranch Recovery,we also offer alternative therapies which might be suitable for individual personalities and these include Oklahoma City art therapy, Oklahoma City Yoga, Oklahoma City Meditation, and Oklahoma City equine-assisted therapy.

Purpose of Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab in Oklahoma City

The ultimate goal when you go into a Magnolia Ranch alcohol or drug rehab program is to let go of your addiction and live a life that is sober or drug-free. This is harder than most patients imagine and there are a lot of steps in the process to an addiction-free lifestyle.

Getting through withdrawal is a necessary beginning point and medical rehab is the step of any program. Withdrawal often makes a patient very sick and uncomfortable but getting through it is vital for being able move into residential rehab and ultimately being able to leave rehab and rejoin a regular community.

This usually takes about 72 hours, after which rehab approaches to treatment, such as therapy, can help determine the underlying cause of the addiction so that it can be addressed. This includes learning and adopting new lifestyle habits and routines that prevent cravings and reduce the risk of relapsing.

Effectiveness of Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Oklahoma City

The unfortunate truth about rehab is that many patients will relapse. Some of these patients will follow a program one or more times before successfully kicking their addiction. Others may become disabled or die due to their substance abuse. Regardless, Magnolia Ranch rehab in Oklahoma City is usually much more effective than trying to do it by yourself.

With the highest success rates, 12-step programs and residential centers seem to be the best choice. However, many patients will need to attempt them multiple times before being successful as the first try often doesn’t work. The goal of these programs is to simultaneously encourage patients to kick their habit, but also to improve their overall quality of life.

Signs You Might Need to Check into an Alcohol or Drug Treatment Center in Oklahoma City

There are a variety of signs that will alert you to the need to check into Magnolia Ranch rehab.

One of the biggest clues that you might need rehab is if your home or professional life is suffering as a result of your drug or alcohol use. Likewise, if you’ve tried to stop using and only lasted for a couple or days or if you are shaky in the morning and feel like using as soon as you get up, rehab might be the best course of action for you.

Other indications that rehab might be your best choice include blackouts and relying on drugs or alcohol to help you cope with stressful situations or hard days. Feeling uncomfortable at events or activities that don’t make drugs or alcohol available is another sign that you might need rehab.

Other signs to watch out for include driving while under the influence or hearing your friends and family express concern over your drug or alcohol use. Also, if you tend to hide your addiction from those around you, you might find that rehab can help.

Recovery After Treatment in a Drug or Alcohol Treatment Center in Oklahoma City

Most of the rehab programs you’ll encounter end after a certain amount of time (though this can often be extended for patients who need it). Knowing what to expect after you leave Magnolia Ranch Recovery is part of the process of preparing to leave the program.

Most people find that programs that continue after leaving rehab, such as many 12-step programs, are the most effective. This is because such a program holds you accountable for your recovery and connects you with people around you who can provide support on your journey.

Oklahoma Case Management Programs and Oklahoma City Aftercare Programs provide support for life outside of rehab.

Your specific needs should drive the decision when you choose a rehab program, but keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to achieve success yourself, with the support of the community you choose.

At Magnolia Ranch, we offer free confidential advice and assessments. If you wish to discuss your problem and potential treatment, call one of our trusted team members on 888-992-7955.


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