5 Places Teens Are Getting Illicit Drugs


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Drugs are illegal in most states, and even then, there have constantly been rising cases of addictive substance abuse. The awareness about the multiple side effects of consuming drugs involving poor academic performance, emotional and physical risks, and relationship troubles, especially in teenagers, does not seem to reduce the number of reports. Teens often access illicit drugs quite easily. 

If you are a parent, teacher, or guardian concerned with how teens around you are getting a hold of illegal drugs, learn about the possible methods to stop them.

Here are some places teens are getting illicit drugs-

#1- Online Pharmacy: Pharmacies have gone online, with many stores shifting to online marketing platforms. However, there are not many certifications and licenses available in such online pharmacies. While there may be concerns regarding the reliability of such stores, they may also be selling illicit drugs. Since they do not need any permanent address for outlets, they can never be caught if any case is reported. Most do not require prescription and age verification. Hence many high school teens reach out to online pharmacies for illegal drugs and other addictive substances.

#2- At School: Most parents believe their children are safe and away from the worldly dangers of substance abuse at school. However, most American high schools are overspread with illegal drug and alcohol distribution. Multiple incidents of children getting caught smoking, using drugs, and drinking alcohol during school time are reported. Selling drugs is also common among many high school kids. Some medications commonly sold in high schools are Xanax and prescription drugs like oxycodone and fentanyl patches. Even marijuana, cocaine, and heroin are peddled between kids.

#3- At Home: Most families do not dispose of unused medications. Teens can easily access these prescription drugs at their homes and for free. Parents should ensure they get rid of these medicines once their course is completed. You can resell unused medications to the drugstore but never flush them as it is harmful to aquatic life.

#4- At Hospitals and Clinics: Many teens visit clinics frequently without any illness and bluff the doctors. Most of them are not caught since seasonal infections and allergies are quite common. Teens get legal prescriptions as a free pass to get their medicines. Once the course is complete, they go to another clinic for more drugs.

#5- Dark Web Purchases: Dark web is defined by a network of hidden websites not indexed by regular search engines. They sell anything and everything on the dark web. Tech-savvy teens access these websites through particular web browsers and purchase addictive substances like synthetic opioids. These drugs have unknown contents and can be highly dangerous for kids.

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