Praying for the Best in Your Recovery From Addiction


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When you get into recovery from an alcohol addiction, there is a lot that you will go through. First, you will be going through detox. If you attend a 12 Step alcohol rehab program, the next thing you will be doing is working on those steps during the rehab center program. While everyone has their own individual experiences in addiction rehab, there is one thing you should know. The main thing you should know is that praying for the best in your recovery can help much more than you realize. According to Chapter 5 of the Big Book, it states “We earnestly pray for the right ideal, for the guidance in each questionable situation, for sanity, and for strength to do the right thing.” What does all of this mean?

Praying for the Guidance You Need

Everyone has questionable situations in their life. For instance, as a recovering alcoholic, you might have a friend invite you to a party late at night on a Saturday. This would be considered a questionable situation. You know there is an increased risk for you to relapse by attending a party where people are going to be drinking, especially if you are still in the early recovery months or even years. By praying for the guidance you need during these situations is one of the best things you can do.

Praying for Sanity

As a recovering alcoholic, you also need to regain sanity. This goes for everyone who is in recovery from an addiction. Since addiction is a disease, it is very likely that you lost control over your life or at least part of it. You may not have acted like yourself and may have even lost yourself. Regaining your sanity is one of the steps to living a recovering lifestyle. By praying for sanity in your recovery, you can have better success when working on the 12 Steps.

Praying for the Strength You Need

Another thing you may want to pray for when you attending alcohol rehabilitation or when you leave rehab is strength. It takes a lot of strength to overcome an addiction and stay sober. However, when you pray for the strength you need and believe you can live a sober lifestyle, you will have better chances of success. Strength is what is going to get you through the difficult times, through those questionable times as well.

Are you in recovery from an alcohol addiction? Do you know what you need to do to live a more successful recovering lifestyle? If not, that is alright. The entire recovery process is a learning process. Once you realize this and take the time to learn more about recovery, you can have more success. Praying for the things you need in recovery is one way you can increase your success with a 12 Step program. You can pray for the guidance, sanity, and strength you need in your recovery.

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