Preventing Alcohol Abuse in Teenagers


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Unfortunately, there are many teenagers who are abusing alcohol. Some are starting to drink as young as 10 years old and become an alcoholic by the time they are a teenager. This is very scary, yet, very true. If you know of any teenager who is consuming alcohol, do your best to get the to stop. Sometimes, if they are already addicted, they may need to get help from an alcohol or drug treatment center. The good news is that while those who already have an addiction need help, there are some tips for preventing alcohol abuse in teenagers who don’t have an addiction yet.

Educating Them

One of the first things that can be done for preventing alcohol abuse in teenagers is educating them about the dangers of alcohol usage. Even when someone is legally old enough to consume alcohol, there are still many dangers to drinking alcohol. Some of these dangers include the increased risk of cancer, damage to internal organs, lack of responsibility or thought processing while drunk, and more. Abusing alcohol as a teenager causes even more damage to the brain as well. If you know of any teenagers, be sure to educate them on the dangers of alcohol abuse right away. This may prevent them from ever needing help from an alcohol or drug rehabilitation center.

Spending Quality Time with Them

Many teenagers feel alone. This is why so many teenagers are more apt to fall into peer pressure. They want to do anything they can to get people to like them and spend time with them. Yes, this even means, if they have to put their own health and life at risk. If you are an adult in a teenager’s life, do what you can to spend quality time with them. This can be multiple times a week or even 2 big times a month. The more you can do this, the more they will talk to you and come to you with their concerns about peer pressure. If you want to prevent alcohol abuse in teenagers, this is one of the ways you can do that.

Letting Them Be Their Own Person

Many teenagers feel like the adults in their life control everything they do. While you can have rules for the teenagers in your life, letting them be their own person can help to prevent alcohol abuse. If they feel they can be themselves, they are more likely to feel free. Feeling free is one of the things that stops some teenagers from using alcohol in the first place. They don’t feel like they are taking a risk, so they just don’t drink.

As mentioned earlier, unfortunately, there are many teenagers that have abused alcohol. However, with that being said, you can use the tips here today to help to prevent alcohol abuse in teenagers. By educating them, spending quality time with them, and letting them be their own person, you can reduce their risk of abusing alcohol. Start following through with the tips mentioned here today.

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