Signs of a Functional Alcoholic


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Do you believe that someone you love may be an alcoholic? Maybe you have your suspicions, yet they continue to go to work and seem like they have everything together. Are you imagining there is a problem? You might not be. There is something called a functional alcoholic. You might not be aware of what this is yet. However, when you read more about it here today, it just might make some sense in your situation with a loved one.

Denial is a Main Sign

Does your loved one refuse to admit they have a problem? Maybe they have been on the fence about whether they even will talk to you about their drinking. They might say, “I have never gotten a DUI” or “I don’t drink every day.” These are just some things someone in denial might say. If your loved one is in denial, it is likely they have a bit before they realize they have an addiction to alcohol. However, you may want to hold an intervention if you are worried, to try convincing them to attend an alcohol rehab center.

Holding Their Own

Can your loved one hold their own when it comes to drinking? What does this mean? Well, can they drink everyone else under the table and not seem too drunk? Can they drink all night and still get up and go to work in the morning? If you can say yes to these questions, your loved one may be a functional alcoholic. When someone can hold their own when it comes to drinking, this means they have been drinking for some time and developed and increased tolerance to alcohol.

First One to Events with Alcohol

Do you find that your loved one is commonly one of the first ones to events with alcohol? Do they show up to parties early or are they one of the first ones at the door? If so, your friend or loved one may be a functional alcoholic. They want to make sure they are getting alcohol and don’t want to go long without it.

Holding Down a Job

Many functional alcoholics are able to hold down a job. Some hold down the same job for many years. However, just because someone is able to hold down a job, that doesn’t mean they don’t have an alcohol addiction. There are many people who have attended alcohol rehabilitation programs who have held down a job.

Are you concerned that a loved one has an addiction to alcohol? Maybe you have thought this for awhile, but you were unsure because their life still seems pretty put together. Above you have read about some of the signs regarding whether your loved one could be a functional alcoholic. If you suspect they are a functional alcoholic, you can have a talk with them. You may even want to hold an intervention. The sooner they can see that they do indeed have an alcohol addiction, the sooner they can contact one of the alcohol treatment centers at  888-992-7955.