11 Signs of Sexual Addiction


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Sex is a common way to satisfy our sexual needs. However, it does not take much time for sex to become an addiction. You may not even realize it or be in denial. You can treat this addiction by seeking therapy. However, you must first introspect and identify the symptoms of sexual addiction

Some signs of sexual addiction are:

  1. Overthinking about sex- You may constantly be thinking or be obsessed with sex. However, these thoughts about sex can even interfere with your other daily activities.
  2. Engaging a lot in sex- If you are looking for a sexual partner, you may not be addicted to sex necessarily. However, if you are spending a lot of energy and time on sex, this may be a problem. Engaging in sex also includes being sexual, trying to have sex, or recovering from post-sexual experiences.
  3. Feeling shame- It is common to have sexual desires. However, if these desires turn into uncontrolled urges, it is a red flag. And, if you feel shame about the urges, you may have a sexual addiction.  
  4. Depression- Many people suffer from clinical depression. However, if you indulge a lot in sex and suffer from anxiety and depression, you may be sexually compulsive. You must start your journey of sexual addiction recovery.
  5. Fixating on sex- You may be only thinking about sex and not indulge in your routine activities. However, you can fail to perform your duties and responsibilities at work, school, or your personal life. Prioritizing sex can harm your relationships with your partner, friends, and family.
  6. Increased masturbation- You can masturbate to express your sexual drive and explore your sexuality. However, if you masturbate, even if it is causing you pain or at inappropriate times, it is a sign of sexual addiction.
  7. Indulging in risky sex- You may indulge in inappropriate sexual acts like unprotected sex, public sex, or paid sex. However, you may get infected with sexually transmitted diseases like HIV.
  8. Cheating- You may want to have sex with new companions, even if you have to be unfaithful to your partner. However, it may not be just a one-time thing; you may even cheat regularly with different partners.
  9. Sex crimes- In cases of advanced sexual addiction, you may even think of or commit crimes like rape or molestation.
  10. Pornography- You may constantly watch porn and fantasize about those sexual acts. However, it can be problematic as your real-life sex may not match the porn sex, and you may experience erectile dysfunction.
  11. Unable to cut back on sex- You may yourself realize that you need to control your sexual activities. However, even after numerous efforts, you may fail, and your repetitive sexual behavior may continue. Therefore, in such cases, you must seek professional therapy.

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