When you attend and alcohol rehab or after you go home from rehab, you may read and learn about the 12 Steps. While you work through these steps, there are many things you can learn. There are many tools you can bring into your life as well. When you reach Step 12, you will learn that carrying the message to other alcoholics is one of the best things you can do. You are helping them, helping yourself, and staying committed to a full recovering lifestyle. If you read Chapter 7 of the Big Book, you can learn even more about the process of carrying the message to other alcoholics. For now, there are some things you need to know.

Helping When No One Else Can

As you read through Chapter 7 of the Big Book, you learn that you can help when no one else can. This does take time, commitment, and courage. However, when you spread the message to other alcoholics, you are helping them have hope. You are giving them the courage to stand up to their own addiction. This doesn’t mean you are responsible for their recovery or sobriety. However, just by carrying this message, you can help them more than you know.

Securing Their Confidence

Everyone needs to have confidence while they are in recovery from an addiction. This includes you, the person you are trying to help, and every other recovering addict as well. Whether you are just getting into an alcohol or drug rehabilitation program or you have been out of the program for a long time, when you spread the message of recovery and sobriety, you are doing something amazing. You are showing others that  they can be confident in the AA work, sobriety, and most of all with their recovery. Confidence really does breed great things. Help someone else secure their confidence starting today.

Remember They Are Ill

Just as you are with your addiction, you must remember that everyone who has an alcohol or drug addiction is ill. They have a disease that is very difficult to overcome. Everyone who needs to overcome an addiction to alcohol or drugs needs support. They need guidance, love, and encouragement. If you share the message to others who need to recovery, you can help them overcome their illness. You can help them grow stronger each and every day. This can, in return, help you feel better about your recovery as well.

There is so much that can be accomplished by choosing to share the message of AA, addiction recovery, sobriety, and more. There are many people in this world who need to hear about this message. Whether you are new to recovery, years into your recovery, or somewhere in between, keep in mind all the benefits of sharing the message.

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