What Does Step 6 Mean in Addiction Recovery?


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Step 6 of Alcoholics Anonymous is, “We became willing to ask God to help us remove our defects of character.” Think about this for a minute before trying to decode it. There is so much behind this one step. It means a lot when it comes to recovery from an addiction. Before getting more to the meaning of this step, it is essential to understand the basics of it. You are going to ask your “God” to help get rid of your character defects, weaknesses, or flaws. This step can take a while and you can repeat it time and time again. You can start while you are in alcohol or drug rehab and do it again later on.

Determining Your God

The first part of Step 6 is to become willing to ask God….Who is your “God”? It doesn’t have to be a God necessarily. It can be anything or something that you look up to you. Someone or something that you look to for guidance. Who or what do you look for to strength? Once you have determined who your God is you can make the next part of this step.

Becoming Willing

Are you willing to ask your God to help you out in your recovery from an addiction? This part is the most difficult for some people who are recovering from an alcohol or drug addiction. Many addicts and alcoholics find it difficult to admit they need this kind of help. They find it tough to reach out and rely on something greater than themselves. However, it is a necessary part of recovery, whether you are working through a drug or alcohol rehab program.

Ask God to Remove Your Defects of Character

You know what your defects of character are or you are still working on that. Either way, you are ready to ask God to remove your defects of character. Now, remember, this doesn’t have to be God necessarily. That is the word or name used in the 12 Step programs. You can decide who or what your God is. Once you ask God to remove your defects of character, you can finally feel a bit more at peace with yourself in recovery. You can feel less alone in the recovery process as well.

Step 6 is a big one. If you aren’t willing to ask God to remove your defects of character, you may become stuck in your recovery. You may feel alone and like you can’t get the help you need. By asking your God to remove your defects of character, you can feel less weighed down. You can feel lighter going through your recovery from this point forward. If that is the type of feeling you want to have in your recovery, make sure you get through this step. Remind yourself often to ask your God to remove your defects of character. Keep in mind that recovery isn’t a once and your done process.

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