Art Therapy: Benefits to Addiction Recovery

There are many things that can help someone in their recovery from an addiction. Art therapy is one of those things. Many studies have shown that art therapy is a great way to build emotional resilience, promote change, build self-awareness, and much more. If you are in recovery from an addiction and are going to alcohol rehab or drug rehab, you should know that art therapy can help you a great deal. Building Emotional Resilience with Art Therapy One of…...
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Turning Music Into Your Therapy

As a recovering addict or alcoholic, you must find your own ways to overcome your past demons. You must learn how to overcome triggers, cravings, and so much more. It is possible to prevent a relapse. You just have to do the work. Therapy is one of the ways you can overcome your addictive lifestyle. There are many types of therapy that are often recommended for recovery from an addiction. One of those is music. If you can turn your…...
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