The Ways of an Alcohol Addiction


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According to Chapter 7 of the Big Book, it talks about being baffled by learning that you have an addiction, the mental twists associated with drinking again, and more. Does all of this sound familiar to you? If so, you probably have an alcohol addiction or you know someone who does. There is a lot to an alcohol addiction and the ways may change from one person to the next. However, with that being said, there are some consistencies from one alcoholic or addict to the next.

Baffled by Having an Addiction

According to Chapter 7 of the Big Book, it says “Tell him how baffled you were, how you finally learned that you were sick.” If you know someone who has an alcohol addiction and you are also in recovery from an alcohol addiction, it is best to tell them how surprised you were to find out you were sick. This happens to just about everyone who has an addiction. They were in denial for so long and when they finally learned they had a sickness, a disease, they were surprised, baffled even. If you can connect with someone in your life on this level, they may be more willing to look to you for help.

Talking About the Struggles

Another important factor of overcoming an addiction or talking to someone about their addiction to drugs or alcohol is to speak of the struggles that made you stop. If you are the one with the addiction, trying to stop, think about the struggles you are going through now. What would help you to get into an alcohol or drug rehab program? What struggles do you see your friend, family member, or neighbor going through? Talk to them about these struggles and maybe they will see that if they were clean and sober, they could work through them.

Mental Twists – Again and Again

Once someone gets into recovery from their addiction, this doesn’t mean that everything is going to be perfect and wonderful from that point forward. In fact, there are many mental twists that can occur. According to Chapter 7 of the Big Book, it says “Show him the mental twists which leads to the first drink of a spree.” This is very important. By being able to recognize the triggers associated with picking up that first drink, many people can prevent a relapse. Whether this if for you or someone else, the information is important nonetheless.

Addictions are not all the same. There are many people who have already gotten into an alcohol or drug rehabilitation center. Others are working on getting themselves there. Some people are still in denial about their addiction. Between the mental twists that lead to drinking again, the struggles that cause someone to drink, and the thoughts surrounding having an addiction, there is a lot to learn.

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