7 Tips for Staying Positive During Drug Addiction Recovery


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Staying positive during addiction recovery can be challenging. You will need some adjustment period as you go through multiple moods and changes, both physically and emotionally. Recovery is undoubtedly an excellent decision for your future, but you might experience some bad days which can be difficult to endure. Therefore, you should maintain a positive attitude to make your recovery and transition to a new sober lifestyle, easier. 

Below, we have stated some tips that you might find helpful in staying positive during addiction recovery!

  1. Keep yourself out of harm’s way- Avoiding personal triggers and uncomfortable situations will help you stay positive during recovery. You should develop a new and healthy routine for yourself that aligns with your recovery plan. Also, do not spend time with people who consume drugs or alcohol. It will enable you to stay sober and not fall back into your previous destructive patterns.
  2. Be a part of an extensive support group- Having supportive people by your side can benefit you during recovery. These people may include your family members who support your recovery, friends who want only the best for you, your therapist, your counselor, and even members of an addiction recovery support group. Have your sober friends accompany you to events like weddings and social gatherings to help you stay away from temptations and lead a healthy life.
  3. Find effective ways to manage your cravings- You may experience some cravings during the initial recovery phase. In such situations, try to stay strong and use healthy methods to combat the urge. You can try calling a sober friend to talk about it or go on a long jog.
  4. Find a hobby and participate in it as much as possibleOne of the best ways to stay positive is by occupying yourself with things you enjoy doing and that make you feel good about yourself. For instance, replace lying in bed until late afternoon with painting or cycling. You can even learn a new dance form instead of getting drunk at a bar.
  5. Take care of your health and well-being- Maintain a healthy sleep cycle and eat balanced meals. Also, try to incorporate workouts into your daily schedule to remain energetic throughout the day. You may also experience withdrawal symptoms during your recovery period. While it is common, talk to a health professional to avoid harming your mental well-being in the long run and learn healthy ways to cope with it. You should also talk to an addiction specialist to learn how to manage these symptoms if and when they occur. 
  6. Volunteer to help others- Helping others will build your self-esteem and make you feel fulfilled. Try volunteering at local social events like the soup kitchen and charity events to keep yourself busy and in a giving state of mind. 
  7. Find ways to relaxAddiction recovery can be overwhelming, making it essential for you to take out some time to relax. You can relieve stress and tension by reading a book, taking a yoga class, listening to your favorite music, or doing breathing exercises. Remember that a relaxed mind breeds positivity, which you’re going to need a lot of during your addiction recovery phase. 

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