Tips on Holding a Proper Intervention


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Do you know of someone who is struggling with an addiction? Do they abuse illegal drugs, prescription drugs, or alcohol? Addiction is not just hard on the alcoholic or addict. It is difficult for the people around the alcoholic or addict as well. If you are wanting to help the alcoholic or addict in your life, you can hold an intervention. However, before doing so, there are some tips for holding a proper intervention that you should know about. These tips are going to help make the intervention go smoother.

Prepare First

Before you have the intervention, you should prepare first. The alcoholic or addict in your life probably won’t agree to go to an alcohol or drug rehab center just by you telling them to do so. This is going to take time and possibly even more than one intervention. They need time to consider what you are saying. You should plan the things you are going to say and who is going to attend the intervention as well. The more you are prepared, the less out of control things are going to get as well.

Invite and Collaborate with Others

The other people who are going to attend should be in the right state of mind as well. They need to be clean, sober, and ready to speak with the alcoholic or addict as well. The people you invite should know what they are going to say. They should be willing to attend the intervention with the intent to try getting the alcoholic or addict into an alcohol or drug rehabilitation center. Collaboration with the other attendees should be done before you invite the alcoholic or addict to the intervention.

Don’t Say You Are Having an Intervention

If you tell the alcoholic or addict that you are having an intervention, do you really think they are going to show up? This is doubtful. They will likely not return anyone’s phone calls or accept visits from anyone. They will be worried that everyone is going to toss their concerns at them. However, if you invite them to a nice dinner or to come hang out at your house, this can be more productive for the intervention. You can invite them to a church or hall as well. Having a neutral location could be the best way to have an intervention.

These are some of the tips that can help you to hold a proper intervention. Alcoholics and addicts often don’t take well to interventions. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have them. If you work with a professional intervention specialist, things can go much smoother. There are many professionals that can help you to make sure things go as well as they possibly can.

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