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Relapse prevention is one of the biggest parts of a recovering lifestyle. As you begin your stay in an alcohol or drug rehab center, there are many things you learn. You learn how to get clean and sober. This is just the beginning, though. You also learn how to manage your recovering lifestyle. Part of doing that is preventing a relapse. There are many things you should know about relapse prevention planning. There are lists you can make, things you can do, and plans you can make to prevent a relapse.

Making Your Commitment Statement

One of the first parts of relapse prevention planning is making your commitment statement. This is going to include the commitment you make to yourself about your sobriety and recovery. What are you going to bring into your life? What are you going to abstain from using or doing? These things are important and a great thing to implement into your commitment statement. You should make this commitment statement at the beginning of your recovery. You can always alter it later on.

Management Strategies List

Another part of relapse prevention planning is to make a management strategies list. How are you going to manage your sobriety? What things can you do to cope with triggers? How can you manage your stressors and keep them at bay? In what ways can you manage your cravings? These are all things you should include in your management strategies list. Whether you have just begun your alcohol or drug rehabilitation program or you have gone home from rehab, this is a list that can help you greatly with relapse prevention.

Life Planning and Goal Making

For relapse prevention planning, you should also work on life planning and goal making. Don’t jump into this immediately. You should get through detox first. Take your time and work through the first part of your recovery. The stronger you can make the foundation to your recovery, the better you will be at life planning and goal making. Once you feel a little bit more secure in your recovering lifestyle, you can make the list of your life plans and goals. Remember, keep your goals small at first. Taking on huge goals early in recovery can bring you more stress.

Recovery from an addiction can be tough at times. However, there are some things you can do to help with relapse prevention planning. By following through with the tips mentioned above, you have a better chance of preventing relapse and moving more smoothly through your recovery. Do you still need to start your recovering lifestyle? If so, please be sure to call an alcohol or drug rehab facility today at 888-992-7955. The start of your recovery can go well. Don’t waste another day living in an addictive lifestyle.