Which Is The First Step in Treating A Drug Abuse Problem?


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Drug addiction is a severe issue in the United States, yet only 11.2 percent of people suffering from addiction receive treatment. One of the most challenging things about getting help for yourself or your loved one when you are addicted is not knowing where to start. Most people don’t know the first step they need to take to recover from addiction. The fundamental fact is that the first differs for various people. 

Here are the first steps people take when treating a drug abuse problem. 

The intake call

Usually, the first step for many people is calling the intake coordinator at a drug rehab center. It is a step where most people feel uncomfortable and nervous, but it is essential. Talking to the coordinator and sharing the relevant information, such as your choice of drug, the duration, frequency of usage, and the symptoms you are having can help the coordinator guide you in the right direction for the next steps of recovery. 

Once you have shared all the relevant information, you and your coordinator can together determine the best treatment plan for you. 

The drug detox

The first step for people who are physically dependent on drugs is the drug detox. Drug detoxification is a process where all the residual drug is removed from your body. During drug detox, you will probably go through the withdrawal period, which is different for everyone. The withdrawal effects depend on how much substance you use, how long you have been using, and your body’s current health. 

The withdrawal symptoms can be pretty harsh in some cases, and it is recommended to make a withdrawal in the presence of trained medical professionals only. 

Inpatient rehab 

Sometimes, people get admitted into inpatient rehab programs near their homes directly. If that’s the situation, it would be considered the first step. However, in most cases, inpatient rehab is the second or third step. 

During inpatient rehab programs, the patient stays at the facility and goes through the recovery process, including detoxification, medical treatment, group and individual therapies, and experimental therapies. 

The first step is realizing they have a drug or alcohol abuse problem at an individual level. It can come through a notable instance affecting the addict’s life or learning about their deteriorating health. Only after realization occurs does the first step of treatment or recovery happen in any case. 

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