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When you are working any 12 Step program, in or after an alcohol or drug rehab stay, part of your process will be to disclose to someone about your addiction. You will need to tell them about things you have done, resentments you have, amends you need to make, and more. Who is this person going to be? Many people believe that 12 Steps are all about being religious, but they aren’t. There are many different types of people whom you can disclose to during your recovery process.

Ordained Minister

If you are religious, then yes, you may want to disclose to an ordained minister or another religious professional. You may find they are quick to understand you and your addiction. They are quick to listen to you and all that you have to say. If you are comfortable disclosing to someone from the church, feel free to do so.

Close Friend or Family Member

You may also choose to disclose about your addiction to a close friend or family member. Think about this one before doing so. You want to make sure they are going to listen to you without judgment. This should be someone that you trust fully without any hesitation. You don’t want to disclose to someone who is going to talk about your personal life with someone else. You want them to respect you and let you be honest, while they do the same.


It may be a good idea to disclose about your addiction to a psychologist or a therapist of some sort. This may not be your first decision. However, you should know that a psychologist can help you work through many issues you have relating to your addiction. If you are attending an alcohol or drug rehab program, you may be talking with a psychologist in the program.


You can also choose to disclose about your addiction to your doctor. This is another great option. They can give you referrals to local alcohol and drug rehab centers. They can also help you to withdraw from drugs or alcohol. If you tell your doctor you are an alcoholic or addict, they can help you to get the treatment you need to overcome that addiction. Your doctor may be able to help you seek out help from local support groups as well.

Nobody at the Moment

If there is absolutely nobody that you trust at the given moment, this part may be skipped for the meantime. However, you must get to this step, if you want to fully recovery. Without admitting your addiction to someone else, that you can fully trust and have confidence will keep your information private, you won’t feel that weight lifted off your shoulders. You won’t feel the relief you need to help yourself get and stay clean and sober.

These are some of the people you can disclose to about your addiction. Think about your decision before you go talking about it. You want it to be someone you can trust in. Once you make your decision, after you get out of drug or alcohol rehab, you can start the process of disclosing about your addiction and more right away.

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