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Many families come to Magnolia Ranch Recovery at their wits end because a loved one is gripped by addiction. Stretched to their breaking point, these families are unable to deal with the drug or alcohol abuse. They’re unsure which detox program to choose or how to go about getting help. Addiction can turn previously harmonious, loving families into lying, manipulative families torn by fear, angst, and hopelessness. Unfortunately, there is often a complete breakdown of communication within the family. This doesn’t help matters when someone is in need of detox withdrawal and addiction treatment.

It’s important to understand that addiction is a family disease. It never affects only the individual who is abusing drugs or alcohol. Every person in the immediate, and sometimes even the extended family, is affected. That’s why it’s important for the family to be a part of the treatment process. Recovery from substance abuse has to be a family recovery to truly benefit everyone involved.

If your family is struggling with addiction, do not lose hope. Help is available at Magnolia Ranch Recovery to support your loved one in making a lasting recovery. But in the meantime, there are several things you can do as a family to start the journey of recovery. Here are 5 strategies that your family can use if someone you love is battling a substance use disorder.

Embrace New Addiction Treatment Approaches

It is not unusual for family members to try and deal with addiction on their own. After all, there is a substantial stigma attached to drug and alcohol abuse. It is natural to try and keep the problem within the four walls of the home. Yet, at some point, families need to pause and accept that their approaches to dealing with addiction are not working. It’s essential to surrender old strategies and accept that the addict needs professional help. Only then can the family adopt healthy strategies and work towards true recovery.

Did you know that family addiction therapy validates the experiences of every member of the family unit? Family therapy at a Magnolia Ranch Recovery can bring about clarity in relationships, foster repair of broken relations, and help families regain the closeness they once enjoyed. A family therapist will help you understand how substance abuse is embedded in the interactions that take place in your family. The therapist will also provide you with education and additional resources to support your family in recovery. Last but not least, they will teach skills that you as a family can practice to prevent relapse in a recovering addict.

Avoid the Urge to Fix the Addict

When a loved one is in the grips of addiction, it is common for family members to experience an urge to “fix” the individual. However, the issues surrounding addiction are complex and the idea that family members can make them go away is simply not true. On the contrary, it can be a huge burden on families if they take on the responsibility of dealing with all the issues that addiction causes.

It’s important for the addict to embrace and manage their own recovery. The role of the family is to provide support. But the primary motivation to get better cannot come from the family. It has to come from the individual who is abusing drugs or alcohol.

Present a United Front

Families struggling with addiction are often entangled in disagreements and conflicts between various members of the family. What ends up happening in such a situation is that everyone goes off on a different tangent. For example, each member of the family may have their own views about how to deal with the addiction and what the best course of action would be. This can lead to finger-pointing and shifting blame, and all the while, the addiction keeps getting worse.

When families are unable to create a united front, the addict ends up taking advantage of the differences. Ultimately, this jeopardizes their recovery. Experts agree that a family working together in the recovery process can make a huge difference in helping an addict overcome their substance abuse. Professionals at Magnolia Ranch Recovery can recognize a split and provide the support and guidance to a family to overcome it.

Hold the Addict Accountable

Families often do not understand the importance of setting boundaries and enforcing accountability when someone they love is battling addiction. In other words, family members frequently enable a person’s addiction by covering up for them, such as making excuses at work or in social settings. Sometimes, family members blame others, take on additional responsibilities, or believe whatever the addict says without verification. While such family members think they are helping the addict, they are in fact making the addiction worse. What ends up happening is the family becomes anxiety-ridden and conflict-stricken. For successful recovery to take place, it is critical to hold the addict accountable for their behaviors.

Invest Your Resources Wisely

Let’s be honest, addiction treatment does not come cheap. That’s why it’s important to invest your family’s resources wisely. When you choose Magnolia Ranch Recovery, you give your loved one an excellent chance at lasting recovery. Your family will invest a lot of time, energy, and money towards overcoming an addiction, so it’s important that you get the most out of your investment.

If your family is struggling with addiction, consider engaging in an individualized family therapy program. Many drug rehabs in Tennessee offer tailored treatments that will delve into the unique dynamics of your family. The therapist will help you develop goals that can support your loved one in overcoming addiction and staying sober.

You’ll learn a whole set of new skills, such as expressing yourselves in healthy ways. You’ll receive guidance to open the lines of communication in your family again. Each member of the family will have a chance to voice their frustrations and fears. At the same time, you’ll hold each other accountable to beat the disease called addiction.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to addiction recovery. Families play an important role in helping a loved one overcome substance abuse, while at the same time safeguarding themselves and their relationships from the effects of drugs and alcohol. Most importantly, every family should know that they are not alone. Millions of families in America are impacted by similar problems. And it’s possible to transform the situation with quality addiction treatment at Magnolia Ranch Recovery.

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