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People struggling with substance abuse often feel helpless and scared. The first step towards recovery is identifying that you have an addiction problem and seeking help. Staying at a luxury drug rehab center such as Magnolia Ranch Recovery can help you overcome your addiction faster. Inpatient treatments are highly effective in treating all kinds of substance abuse disorders. If you wonder how it can help, you need to know what we do here. 

Here’s how your typical day at Magnolia Ranch Recovery would go:

Early mornings

Waking up in the morning has many health benefits, including high energy. So at the ranch, we are early risers. You can start the day with an early morning workout, yoga, or meditation. Then have a healthy breakfast rich in essential nutrients. 

Following breakfast, you need to attend a group session which is a part of our 12-step program. These sessions are held in a controlled environment in the presence of a therapist. They are a great way to bond with other members at the facility and share your feelings in an open forum without judgment. 


After the group sessions, you can have a healthy lunch and take your medications. A balanced and nutritional diet plays a vital role in recovery, and we ensure that our patients get it. 

After lunch, you will need to go for various therapeutic sessions. These sessions will depend on your treatment requirements. Common sessions include:

  • Individual therapy sessions: These sessions include talking to a therapist one-on-one. You also receive cognitive behavioral therapy that helps you identify your triggers and develop coping mechanisms. 
  • Group therapy sessions: You may also have to attend group meetings, including meetings with your family and other members at the rehab. These meetings help develop your emotional bonds. 
  • Specialized sessions: If required, you may have to attend to specific issues you are dealing with besides your addiction. They include anger management sessions, grief counseling sessions, stress management sessions, and others. 
  • Supplemental therapies: You can also be a part of additional addiction treatment programs such as equine therapy, exercise programs, and trauma (PTSD) therapy.

Free time

After your therapy sessions, you also get some free time which you can use to rest and relax or pursue any hobbies you may have. 


In the evening, you have a fulfilling dinner. Sometimes there are short group meetings after dinner, where speakers can come and share their stories. 

Getting good rest is also crucial for healing. Therefore, you can go to sleep early by the end of the sessions. 

Sleeping well ensures you are rejuvenated and ready for another fruitful day at Magnolia Ranch recovery. 

About Magnolia Ranch Recovery Addiction Treatment Center

Treating substance abuse is essential to saving yourself from the damaging effects of drugs and alcohol addiction. At Magnolia Ranch Recovery, we offer premium addiction treatment services to our clients and assist them with drug rehabilitation and treatment for co-occurring disorders. Our team of trained therapists aims to provide supportive and compassionate care to those suffering from drug abuse. Our clients choose us for our personalized inpatient, drug recovery, residential, and individually designed treatment options. 

For more information about us, contact 888-992-7955 or write to info@magnoliaranchrecovery.com. You can also fill out our contact form to get a call back from us.

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Esra Ahmed - MS, NCC, LPC, MHSP

Experienced Clinical Director with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Skilled in Anger Management, Healthcare, Medicine, EMDR, and Life Transitions. Strong healthcare services professional with a Masters Degree focused in Psychology from The University of Memphis.

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