AA Saying, “Faith Without Works is Dead”


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Fayetteville Family Recovery Programs In Chapter 6 of the Big Book, you will read, “Faith without works is dead” This quote has become quite famous in the addiction recovery world. Both recovering alcoholics and addicts have read this saying and implemented it into their life. Many people who go to alcohol and drug rehabs learn about this saying as well. What does it mean, though, when you really look at it?


Let’s break it apart. The first part of this saying is faith. Whether you are new to an alcohol rehabilitation or drug rehabilitation program, there is the faith part of the program. This isn’t the case in all programs, but this is a central foundation to the process for most of them. Faith doesn’t necessarily mean you must believe in God. You can have faith that the universe has more incredible things in store for you. You can have faith that God is helping guide you through life. Some alcoholics and addicts have faith that they can overcome the addiction with just the help of their support network and guidance from the world. Whatever faith looks like to you, start with having faith.

Without Works

What does without works mean? Have you ever heard that you can’t get things done without taking action? This goes the same for alcoholics and addicts going into alcohol treatment centers or trying to recover from an addiction. Without working on your recovery and the process of overcoming the addiction, you won’t make any progress. You can’t just have faith and that is it. You can’t have only faith and expect things to change in your life. You must put in the work if you want your life to be changed for the better.

Is Dead

Your faith won’t be worth much if you aren’t putting it to work. You can’t just have faith and expect that your addiction will disappear. As just mentioned, you must put in the work if you are going to overcome your addiction. When you don’t work on things and you just have faith, the faith is mute. It is at a standstill and just something you have in your life that isn’t doing you much good. Now, when you have faith with the works, your faith will be well alive and pushing you forward. When you look at your life and your addiction to drugs or alcohol, what do you see? Do you have faith that things will get better for you? Do you believe that your life can be changed? If so, what are you going to do about it? What are you going to do to take action to make your life better? Remember, your faith will be dead without action. When your faith isn’t at work, you are more likely to relapse and fall back into your old addictive patterns. Don’t let this happen. “Faith without works is dead.” Make the call to the top-rated alcohol and drug treatment center today at 888-992-7955 to start working on your faith and journey to recovery.