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According to Chapter 6 of the Big Book, it states, “The alcoholic is like a tornado…” If you have ever been around an alcoholic or if you are a recovering alcoholic or addict, you know this statement is true. While many people who are actively living an addictive lifestyle don’t want to believe this is true, it is. There is more to an addiction than just the alcoholic or addict drinking or doing drugs. Lives are often destroyed because of drugs an alcohol. That is why many alcoholics and addicts need alcohol or drug rehab to help them get in touch with reality and recovery.

Hearts are Broken

According to Chapter 6 of the Big Books, “Hearts are broken.” This is so true of an addiction. Many people who live an addictive lifestyle do find themselves in the midst of relationship breakdowns. They may hurt their spouse’s feelings over and over again, knowingly or unknowingly. They may due rude things to their best friends and break their hearts as well. If you are an alcoholic or addict in the midst of struggling relationships, you may want to get alcohol or drug rehabilitation help today.

Affections Have Been Uprooted

Chapter 6 of the Big Book also states that “Affections have been uprooted.” This is so common amongst those that live an addictive lifestyle. They are so focused on how they will get their next drink or their next high, they stop focusing on their emotions and affections towards others. Things become chaotic and their mind just refuses to put others before themselves. Their own addictive needs come first. No matter how scary this is, it is often the case. If you want to start feeling affections towards your loved ones again, now is the time to seek addiction treatment help.

Selfish and Inconsiderate Habits Have Kept the Home in Turmoil

When reading Chapter 6 of the Big Book, you will also see that “Selfish and inconsiderate habits have kept the home in turmoil.” While it can be difficult to admit, most alcoholics and addicts have selfish and inconsiderate habits. They focus solely on their addictive needs. When will they drink again? Will they be able to get high this coming weekend? If they can’t drink or use drugs, they often become upset. They are selfish and inconsiderate of others. The only way these habits can stop is by getting clean and sober and starting a recovering lifestyle.

Do you have a drug or alcohol addiction? If so, now is the right time to seek out addiction treatment help. It may be difficult to admit that you need help. However, the sooner you do so, the sooner you can get treatment and overcome the addiction. With treatment, you can stop breaking so many hearts, be more affectionate again, and become more selfless and considerate of others.

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