What Does Alcoholism Bring to One’s Life?


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What Does Alcoholism Bring to One’s Life?

The Big Book states that alcoholism is a disease. Much research has been done to support this fact. The one difference from the disease of alcoholism to that of other diseases is the way others respond to it. For instance, if your loved one had cancer, you probably would feel very sad for them. You may even have some pity for them as well.

However, most people get angry at alcoholics. They resent them for their addictive behaviors. The problem is that until the addict gets treatment, they have lost control. They aren’t choosing to live a life of destruction. It is their disease causing them to act out in those ways. Knowing more about what alcoholism brings to one’s life can help some addicts to see how destructive their disease is. This may motivate them to get into an alcohol treatment center.


There are far too many people who don’t know that addiction is a disease. They misunderstand everything about the addict and what is going on in their. This is partially due to many people thinking alcohol abuse is a choice. The disease takes over the addict’s life. It also interferes with the lives of everyone in the addict’s life as well. Recognizing alcoholism for what it is – a disease – can help to reduce the misunderstanding.


Alcoholism causes many resentments. The loved ones, friends, co-workers, and employers may all resent the alcoholic. They may resent the fact that they cancelled on events, spent the money that should have gone to bills, missed work deadlines, and more. These resentments are often difficult to forgive. However, when the alcoholic gets proper treatment and works a recovery program, it is possible to work through these resentments and ultimately forgive.

Disgust from Loved Ones

Many people are disgusted with the alcoholic. They are disgusted by their actions, drunk nights, hangovers, lack of respect for others, and ultimately their addiction. The truth is many people don’t understand the disease, so they don’t get why anyone would do the things many alcoholics do. They don’t understand why someone would stay out all night without calling their spouse. They don’t understand why someone would miss an important work meeting without any notice. This disgust might even linger into the alcoholic’s recovery. If you have these feelings for the alcoholic in your life, calmly have a conversation with them. Let them know you are upset and want to see them get into an alcohol rehabilitation program.

Uprooting the Lives of Children

Alcoholism also often uproots the lives of children. Many parents have an alcohol addiction. When the disease takes over, the alcoholic often doesn’t consider what is happening around them. They are focused on when, where, and how they will get the next drink. When will the next party be? How soon they can get to the bar? Many alcoholic parents lose custody of their children. In some cases, it is possible to get children back, after going to an addiction treatment program and being in recovery for some time.

Alcoholism affects much more than just the alcoholic. It affects everyone in their life to some degree. If you have an alcohol addiction, get alcohol rehab treatment before the disease can do more damage.

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