Benefits Of Meditation in Addiction Recovery


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Every addiction has a direct relation to mental health. Therefore, any recovery technique that engages the mind is effective. Mindful meditation is one such technique. Its benefits are not unknown, nor is its popularity. Meditation can be very beneficial in fighting addiction.

Self-observation, optimism, and self-awareness are a few mental exercises that are essential in addiction recovery. Meditation helps in enhancing these.

Following are a few ways how meditation is beneficial in addiction recovery.

  1. Spirituality- Meditation allows you to connect with your spirituality. It can help you significantly in your recovery journey and motivate you to move forward.
  2. Reduces pain- One of the significant withdrawal symptoms of addiction recovery is chronic pain. You may take medications to deal with the pain. However, you can get addicted to those medications. Therefore, you must meditate to manage your pain and reduce it.
  3. Improves sleep-cycle- When you stop consuming the addictive substance, your body may take time to adjust. It can also affect your sleep cycle. Meditation can help you get better sleep and develop a consistent sleep cycle. It can also reduce insomnia.
  4. Improves physical health- Years of addiction can damage your body. Meditation lowers your blood pressure, builds up the immune system, and improves your heart health. It will also enhance your physical healing process.
  5. Improves mental health- You may experience anxiety or mood disorder symptoms. It can be challenging for you to manage them. Therefore, you must practice mindfulness meditation to improve your mental health.
  6. Reduces stress- The addiction recovery journey can be very stressful for you, especially if those cravings are running high. Therefore, you must meditate to set time aside and relax mentally and physically. It will help you cope up with the stress and not react to it.
  7. Relationships- Addiction can damage your relationships with many people. Meditation helps build up those relationships again by helping you gain insights into the psychological underpinnings of your actions.
  8. Enjoyment- During addiction recovery, you may find sobriety dull. Medication can be joyous. It will allow you to live in the present and appreciate the minor things in your life. It also improves your creativity.
  9. Prevents from relapsing- Since meditation allows you to know yourself better, you can make decisions that will be good for your health. You can also identify the early symptoms of relapse if you stay in touch with yourself through meditation.
  10. Emotional balance- Meditation helps you focus on one thing at a time and thus maintain a degree of emotional balance. It reforms the physiology of your brain and makes you optimistic and compassionate. It weakens those areas of your brain which are associated with fear, depression, and pessimism.

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