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Recovery from an alcohol or drug addiction can be rough. However, the life changes that happen when in recovery are amazing. Those far outweigh the work that recovery takes. Today you are going to learn about some of the common personal stressors recovering alcoholics and addicts have. These stressors could take place right after getting home from alcohol or drug rehab or years down the road. Making sure you know what to do when you experience these personal stressors can help you to prevent a relapse.


For many recovering alcoholics and addicts, arguments are one of their main personal stressors. Arguments could occur with just about anyone. These can be tough to handle, especially in early recovery. However, there are some ways you can handle arguments to help prevent yourself from relapsing. One of the things you can do is to talk it out with someone. It doesn’t even have to be the person you are arguing with. Talking things out can help you to see things clearer. You can also let it go for just a bit to take some deep breaths.


Making decisions is a personal stressor for some people. Making decisions in early recovery can be even tougher. You may still be having a difficult time trusting your judgment. However, this trust will come with time. For now, some of the things that can help to reduce the stress from making decisions is to write in a journal, talk to someone about it, or put off the decision for a bit if you can.


Boredom is a very common personal stressor for many recovering alcoholics and addicts. If you are feeling bored in recovery, you may be tempted to tell yourself it is alright to drink or use drugs again. This could be very bad. Some of the ways to fight boredom is to spend time with family or friends, do something off your hobby list (if you have one), go to a meeting, or take a nap. These are all ways you can fight boredom and help prevent a relapse as well.


The future often weighs heavily on the minds of alcoholics and addicts. Whether you just got out of an alcohol or drug rehabilitation center or you have been out for a while, the future can look good. You don’t have to take everything on all at once. Keep this in mind when the future is stressing you out. Make a list of your larger goals and break them down into smaller goals. This will help to make the future seem more possible in recovery.

Recovery can be amazing. There are many common personal stressors you might need to work through and overcome. However, once you figure out the best ways to do so, you can make the most of your recovering lifestyle and help yourself to prevent a relapse as well.

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