How Long Does Addiction Treatment Take?

Addiction is a severe medical condition that, if not treated, can lead to various complications and even death. However, with timely treatment, one can treat and manage addiction. One of the major questions people have when thinking about getting addiction treatment is how long it would take them to recover. The answer depends on various factors, such as the treatment plans you opt for, the severity of your condition, and others. 

Read on to know how long it takes to treat addiction. 

The recovery period varies according to the different levels of treatments you have to go through to overcome your addiction. Here are various treatments and the time they take to show results. 

The detoxification process

The first stage of addiction recovery is detoxification, wherein any residual drugs and their effects are removed from your body. The detox process duration also varies according to the severity and the substance you are using. However, regular detoxification can take 3 to 10 days in extreme cases. 

The inpatient rehabilitation process

In-patient rehabilitation is a treatment program where you stay at the facility for a period of recovery. Staying at the facility ensures you receive the highest care and support from the staff and doctors. Usually, in-patent residential programs last for different durations, and facilities often offer four types of in-patient rehabs in Tennessee, which are:

  • 30-day rehab program
  • 60-day rehab program
  • 90-day rehab program 
  • 120-days or more (Long-term rehab)

All these treatment programs follow similar structures. The duration differs depending upon the severity of your condition and how well you respond to the treatment. 

The outpatient rehabilitation process

Outpatient programs are treatment programs where the patient does not have to stay at the facility but comes to receive treatment and goes back home. Sometimes patients recover through in-patient programs and continue to receive outpatient treatment to prevent relapses and build coping mechanisms. Usually, outpatient treatment takes place over 90 days, but it can take longer if the patient does not respond well. 

For outpatient programs to deliver quick results, the addict must resolve a supportive and stable environment at work and home. 

If the environment is unsafe and chaotic at home and the work is stressful, the addict will likely give up and start using again. If that happens, the recovery rates significantly reduce. 

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Esra Ahmed - MS, NCC, LPC, MHSP

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